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what is the best way to buy bulk variety

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pondjohn, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. this summer im gonna go on a trip with some pals and we wanna get at least an once for it. the trips gonna be a week long (7 days give or take) but i wanna buy like an eigth of 7 different kinds or some similar deal so i can have some nice salads but im not sure how to go about getting so many different kinds of weed this is probably a stupid question lol

    also im figurin on spendin about $420 give or take so what kinda quality stuff can i get for that it rounds out to be 60 bucks a day for 7 days
  2. Find 7 different kinds of weed you want and buy like an 1/8 of each kind. Just ask around who has what types of weed and stuff. Or try asking other dealers. If you bought just one ounce or even like like 1/2 of two different weeds you would cut your costs alot I think and could deff get more than an O.

    I see what you want to do w/ the different types of weed but i would rather have more of it instead of diffrernt types
  3. ya more is always good

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