What is the best way for irragation?

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  1. Is mist irragation even an option if not what is the easiest way for irragating a large crop?
  2. i take it you have a soil setup? depending on how large a crop you're planning, $$/space constrictions you may want to consider planning out a hydro grow.... if you're not interested in watering the entire crop every day, or every other day

    extremely simplified drip irrigation system? well alright then.... just fill some large sterilized soda bottles with water (ph balanced of course) and prick pinholes towards the bottom... the water will drain out slowly and its pretty much hands-off. of course, you'll need to do a little testing to see how long it takes the bottle to empty so you can gauge how much water your plants are getting on a semi-scheduled basis.
  3. then how would you setup a large scale hydroponics say 100+ plants?
  4. are you implying 50+ plants or? how big are you talking
  5. 10-1000 Watt HPS lights
    100-5 gallon buckets
    50 -air pumps
    100-pot seeds
    1-Big intake fan
    1-Big exhaust fan
    8 -yards pea gravel
    Get the Idea "Officer" :bolt:
    Unless yur' just a dumbass.....then in that case Welcome to the city man
  6. yeahhhhhh.... im going to go with X that ish on the hydroponics, for seevral reasons

    but mainly, im guessing you have zero experience with hyrdroponics, so unless you have a semi-experienced friend to help out, it might be a little too difficult, with too many headaches... however thats not to stop you from trying if you're determined :)


    soooo, i found a simple system which doesnt cost too much $$ and was fairly starightforward to install, i think it might suit your needs well. instead of trying to reinvent the wheel ill just past the whole article here w/ pics


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  7. that didnt answer my question i have that i need to know about the hydroponics system. YOU KNOW THE WATERING PART OF IT ITS KINDA IMPORTANT I THOUGHT. And just for the record i ate bacon for breakfast................................Thanks alot stanky that helped alot that will get me started

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