What is the best vaporizer?

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  1. What brand makes the best vaporizer? I've always smoked from a pipe.
  2. Regardless what anyone may say here, the fact is, is that there is no one best vaporizer.     All of the legit ones have both their pros and their cons.   It really depends on what you want:
    Do you want an efficient vape that will conserve your weed?
    Do you want a vape that will produce HUGE vapor clouds?   
    (the top two are opposed to one another, so you have to pick one)
    Do you want a portable or are you mainly going to be using it at home?
    Do you want a party vape or are you primarily going to using it solo?
    What is your price range?
    What is your tolerance level?   Are you a HEAVY smoker?
    Is taste high on your priority list?
    Do you want to vape through a bong or bubbler?
    Some vapes do certain things that I mentioned above better than others.   There is NO vaporizer on the market that does all of those things better than any other.
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    I really like the simplicity of my pax. It takes a few trials to find out how to make the most of it but, after getting past the learning curve, it's a fine choice. The only thing that may trouble you Is the price tag. I've never actually had a mflb, but I've heard they're a good first personal vape for those not wanting to spend too much. Also, be careful buying fake versions of popular vapes. Shortcuts in production to make it cheaper are no good.
    Another good vape is the solo. The only reason I strayed away from this was that I was concerned with discretion. (This is all assuming that you wanted a portable, not a home vape)
    The firefly would also be a solid choice.
  4. Excellent list.

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    Efficient vape to get the most from the bud.

    I will be using mostly at home, solo, and I don't want my kids to find it.

    I am not a heavy smoker. More than 3 hits from my little wooden pipe and I am useless. I am medicating for migraines and stress. A nice light buzz is ideal.

    Best to keep it under $100, if not I'll have to save up for a bit.

    I've had my same little wooden pipe for about 30 years. It fits in my hand and has a lid. Simple. It finally got too gunky, so I went to the local shop and was persuaded to try glass. I have not gotten the hang of the glass pipe. The screen doesn't stay in, and without it my herb falls through the hole. I have a vape pen for cbd oil, which is pleasant but doesn't do much.

    I'm way behind the curve on modern technology. Please advise.



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