What is the best type of perc?

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  1. I was looking to get a new piece but I'm trying to figure out what is the best type of perc like for diffusion. Thanks for any help.
  2. honeycomb imo
  3. its whatever you want, but if your looking for most functional, honeycomb is def not the way to go....

    stemlines, circs....

  4. Have a double honey comb and id rather have the stereo matrix anyday
  5. waffles!
  6. I've always liked DEFI's cirbines
  7. Can't believe no ones said Dave Goldstein yet.

    I declare Dave Goldstein's rooster apparatus the best for diffusion.

  8. I like the Matrix perc by Mobius.
  9. I agree man. To dope
  10. Technically yes.

    Best overall is a stemline hands down.
  11. Technically no, Dave wins, and I'd rate waffles better than stemlines. For the record I love my honeycomb.

    In the diffusion to drag comparison, honeycomb wins no doubt.
  12. Mobius Matrix perc definatly beats out the Honeycomb perc in drag and diffusion..

    All these percs n shit are personal preference though lol like..

    I own the Ion Matrix Bubbler and the Dave Goldstein Mini Can..

    and ive hit the PHx Double HoneyComb Diffuser..

    There all in the same general awesomeness category
  13. My rooster apparatus is the smoothest smoke ever. Strong diffusion.

    Its a honeycomb disc on crack.
  14. What makes it best? Its the smoothest? That doesn't make it the best.

    The best would be low drag, high diffusion and good flavor retention. The dg has no flavor almost because its so heavily diffused. I have yet to hit a perc that does all three things better than a stemline. Theres a reason there are more stemlines than waffles and honeycombs; you go with what works.

  15. Have you tried a Matrix?
  16. Stereo matrix. 60t. Enjoyed it but i didnt like the drag to the initial pull. I'm sure im gonna get the typical "i dont know what drag is" comment but thats drag no matter how you look at it.
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    Just curious, have you hit a DG? I'm astonished how well it retains flavor. I read a lot about that being a common concern, but I really notice strong flavor, probably because it diffuses so well with such little water. Flavor retention was the first thing i noticed about the hits, and thats coming from a gridded stemline owner as well. So it does diffuse extravagantly, has zero drag and keeps the flavor pretty well, imo.
  18. I use a DG and a kingstem daily. The kingstem gets used more but that's due to me not dabbing out of the disc. The DG is my flower piece for sure. Its got a little stronger initial pull then the kingstem though.
  19. Water tested at my lhs and hated the drag on the initial pull like said above.
  20. They must have put too much water in, because there is no drag

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