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what is the best tasting weed that you have ever smoked/vaped,eaten, etc.?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Crimsonmonie, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Ak47 is my favorite because of its grapefruit scent and flavor. It arrouses me whenever I think about it.
  2. I smoked this dank stuff, no clue what it was called, but it never became beat,burnt out,etc. It had such a nice flavor and the smoke was so clean, considering it was being smoked from a pipe. I don't know how to explain the high but I'll try... it was "clean" and even coming down was smooth.
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    I had a very sweet tasting weed, I dunno what it was called. But it was super sweet through my vape :D

    It even had a hint of sweetness smoking it! :hello:

    Edit: vvv It was bubblegum! That's what it was, I was blanking. :laughing:
  4. This one strain called bubblegum. The taste was unbelievably strong and tasted just like bubblegum!!! I mean you could smell it fill the car and just taste the smoke in the air.

    I really think bud has to be altered to taste that good but if that was grown that way omg, whoever grew it was a green thumb grow god.

  5. Strongest- Hawaiian kush (fluke batch by grower, PERFECT ONE HITTER)
    taste - mendifina grape (snowcap X GDP)

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