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What is the best strain you ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bongsoverbagthat, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. So I recently joined here to try and reach out and see how many seasoned smokers like myself with a long relationship w Mary Jane, are like myself. I started this topic to see what is the best strain. You guys have ever had. I'll try to be a descriptive as possible. But you know most people will lie about what you are getting so I can't be sure of where it comes from or what it is. I'll tell you what I know and hopefully y'all will fill me in on it.

    The first best strain I ever had was something called Strawberry Haze. This was the bombdigity. It looked light neon green on the bud, had a few red hairs and was covered in so many crystals it looked like it was glazed. I re,ember taking 1 bong hit, coughing like a mad man and then just lying down in a bit of a cold sweat. Music was better and I had vivid imaginary visions. When I closed my eyes I would see vivid things in my mind but when I'd open them I'd see my ceiling. One catch if the radio or pandora played a bad song, I'd be too wasted to stand up and change it or push myself to crawl to my computer and change the song. You guys ever come across anything like that. The last time I heard of anything like this was about 7 years ago. Since then I guess Strawberry Haze had retired.

    The most recent strain that I had got my hands on was this thing called Whitefire OG Kush. This this made me feel like a kid on Christmas. It has an amazing taste similar to a sour strain. It also had a neon color to it. It was covered with so much crystals you can drop it on a table and make a line of the access keef. It was almost a supernatural high. Apparently my buddy told me he had a friend in Cali that had it for the growers cup. I'm not sure if it really was up for competition but it should have been. Either way it seemed believable. Have any of you guys ever heard of Whitefire OG Kush? It seems like a myth and I'm curious if its real.

    In any rate. I'm jack nice to meet y'all and I hope to hear your stories or meet anyone who can confirm how real those to legendary strains really are.
  2. welcome to the city :wave:
    Casey Jones all the way. :bongin:  :smoke:  :bongin:  :smoke:  :hippie:
  3. Hard to say a strain because it depends how its grown.  But the best high ive had was from some amazingly grown and cured GDP
  4. GDP? What's that?
  5. grand daddy purp
  6. I've smoked a lot of top shelf strains, so it's hard to say. Out of the ones I've smoked (Trainwreck, Master Kush, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Green Crack, Tha Crip, Purple Ace of Spades, and HeadBand) I think HeadBand was my favorite. I miss my Hawaii weed doe
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    I just read this book, "The Heart of Dankness," and the author is a real Sativa guy and got me wanting to try Casey Jones, it sounds like a really prime cross.
    And favorite strain is tough, some stuff I've only had as oil or wax, and sometimes it's just the way it's grown rather than the genetics.
    But in the name of "dankness," that special time and place that bud can take you, I'd have to say some incredible NYC Sour Diesel, smoked in a blunt in the city with a kid with an accent.
  8. I never really had a favorite strain. I like a lot of different flavors but if I had to pick Id probably say sour diesel. Its always a good high for me especially in the day time. Floating along
  9. NYC has a lot of strains. Some Canada. Some Cali. But honestly that Whitefire was the best thing ever to make it to NYC. Better than sour. It was crazy
  10. Blue dream, super silver haze and Fire OG (i think thats the name)
  11. Silver haze I've heard of a couple of years back. Not sure if fire of and Whitefire OG was the same. I dunno but it would probably be the most amazing thing you've had..... Unless ur getting better than me
  12. Jack herer is my favorite!

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  13. I think my favorites are generally the Afghan Indicas because of their high potency and the instant "hit" they give me when I smoke them.  Also Chemdawg is another favorite again because of its potency.  And as for best all around, the perfect strain for me is Purple Diesel. 
  14. Og kush! Or sour D.

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  15. Not from a MMJ place that has good selection, but I get right from a grower.
    Best stuff I've had was some OG-cross that had purp all throughout it, or this stuff I have now called Headbanger Kush. Got some Afghan one time that was crazy too.
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    Just Found some whitefire OG here in New Orleans, Never heard of it until then. Real Good shit, Had this morning. But it's fucking with that Blue Dream that came thru the beginning of the year, That shit had me with a uppy visual enhancement high making everything look more vivid like im a first time smoker all over the first time i had it. Felt like i was on a low dose of some type of hallucinogenic.
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    Don't know. 
    But i will NEVER pass up on Blue Dream, OG, & White Widdow. But down here is non MMJ state so you pretty much buy whatever dank dealer has. I think Im happier on sativas


  19. when me and my friends first started smoking we got something called Sage, it was the highest I have ever been in my life.

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  20. Dopest dope ive ever smoked has to be golden goat, diablo og kush, sour kush, killer queen, and super lemon haze


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