What is the best strain to grow outdoors?

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  1. I've grown some lowryder, Swiss cheese, and some Arjan's haze outdoors a while back. The haze was by far the most potent and the cheese with the most yield. I was wondering what you guys think the best bud is to grow outdoors with the best yield/potency ratio is.

    Lowryder: 210g per plant
    Swiss cheese: 500g per plant
    Arjans's haze: 420g per plant
  2. Depends what kinda bud you want, and what your schedule is.

  3. I'm starting to grow in early May (until late September), and I want a high-yielding Autoflowering strain.
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    im curious too, i live in a cold humid climate from sept on, starts getting cold in mid august, i always got plants that finnish around oct 1-15, and i always harvest early or cut the shit out them because mold

    i dont care for the auto strain
  5. Umm high yielding autoflower doesnt make since because they only grow for 3 months and they are done, High yielding to me is an indica Sativa cross grown out you get the best of both worlds tall big plants with dense big buds.

  6. What is the best yielding, outdoor autoflowering strain?
  7. Shit for outdoors just use any bag seed. you will end up with decent bud
  8. Best Yeilding outdoor variety? Not much on the outdoor growing, but can Early Girl do ok? It's a nice yielder for the indoor guys, maybe somebody else could chime in about the Early Girl?

    And Autflowers don't yeild big...that's why they are autoflowers. Grown to get in the ground and bud up quick. They don't get tall, they don't get wide...but they do get tasty ^.^
  9. Bonkers from next generation huge colas in/out north or south the huge buds arent too dense cause large buds mold easly in some areas.greenlifeseeds has bonkers and early wonder skunk(solar warrior)both very early w/small amount of auto tendencies(ruderalis)! bonkers = 6-7oz n illinois outdoor.

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