What is the best stoner experince you have ever had?

Discussion in 'General' started by ChemicalBrother, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. I'll start us off i guess.

    My best stoner time was at this high school party once, lets just skip ahead i was drunk, stoned, all that shit, and had simply passed out in a chair.

    At like 3:00 am when the party has died down completely my buddy wakes me from said chair, to go rip bongs in the car with 3 random 20 year old dudes who were chill as fuck, so we where in the car just rippin' bongs, all drunk and stoned i lost my fuckin' shoes but did not care these dudes were sick one was like jack black only young and blond.

    It may not sound much and i likely made it sound gay as fuck, but there was just a unique "bro" energy that was in that moment of bongin', i then passed out after throwing a chick off her couch she was passed out on.

    I wan't more awesome times like this after highschool in college or U

    Anyway what was your best time?
  2. Driving an hour and a half to the nearest city with my buddies smoking bowl after bowl the whole way their and back. We originaly decided to go just to go to quick trip and munch out, but we ended up chilling and smoking blunts with some people we met up with at the college up their.

    We got in a rap circle and they hooked me up with a quarter of the dankest shit ive ever smoked. By the time we got to quicktrip I was so baked I couldnt figure out how to work the chocolate shake machine.
  3. nothing will ever match about the first 10 times i smoked weed

    first time i ever smoked was insanely awesome. one of the best experiences of my life

    idgaf if its unconventional, fuk your weddings and graduations

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