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what is the best smoking device?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tucker420, May 13, 2011.

  1. i use a bowl now, as well as a bubbler. i feel like i want to try other ways of smoking regularly, as in buy my own but i dont know what to get. ive used a vaporizor and a bong, but dont know what the right choice would be.
  2. Buy a nice glass bong with all the fixings. Vapes are great but you might not find the high as enjoyable.
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    A solid glass spoon.
    Hands down best way to really taste the bud by solar toking with it.

    I had all kinds of bongs, but the taste gets diffused in the water and bongs tend to break easily.
  4. ^ Agreed. What I did/doing is start off with a $55-90 bong from a local headshop. Once you can completly milk it up and not cough sell it or keep it then go for a name brand bong. I'm still looking at bongs but regardless a $85 bong from a local headshop being a kid will keep you happy for sure. Vapes are flavorless and I dont like the high...but Bong+vape=win
  5. First thing I ever used was a pipe, and now i've grown to hate them.

    I don't like the couchlock bongs give me, unless I want to watch a movie or something.

    and bubblers are nothing special. I stick to papers, their easy, portable, and easy to pass around...but it's all what ever YOU want. Try them all again, and think about what gave you the most enjoyable smoke, and stick to it. It'ss all preference.
  6. Spoons are for noobs IMHO. The only people I ever see with them are young kids and they look dumb IMO. I have only seen 3 spoons that ive ever liked. Its all about what you like tho. But still I hate those idiot kid smokers that all have spoons.
  7. I just got a bong with two chambers for water just under $40. Lot better than "traditional" bong IMO
  8. bob marley rolling paper, 100% Hemp.
  9. I consider myself to be an experienced toker and I use "spoons" all the time. They're easily concealed and convenient (as opposed to a bong or vape) and are the most efficient as far as number of hits per bowl. I've had pipes that rip like no other, taste great, and deliver a ton of hits with only about 1/4g loaded up. Just my two cents.
  10. Invest in a bong that is in your price range.
  11. my lungs are my best smoking devices:D

    well somebody had to say it:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  12. Rolling papers. Simple & classic.
  13. Whatever gets you stoned with as little waste as possible. But above all, just use what you want to use. Dont let other people influence you.
  14. Glass on glass bongs IMO, they get you retarded and its mad fun to see who can take the biggest bong hit :bongin:
  15. A custom made bong that a small time glass blower worked on for 5 years in switzerland.

    It sounds like a chettah purring when you hit it.
  16. Bongs and blunts are definitely my favorites.

    Other than that a regular pipe is pretty good..

  17. Bud tastes the best when it is already cherrying and you hit it. Solar hits are great though:hello:
  18. The best smoking device is the one that gets you high my friend.

    IE there is no best, it's all preference, however I find more people on here usually use bongs as their daily driver. I know I do, but I have a few glass spoons too that I use from time to time.

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