What is the best sleeping position for lucid dreaming?

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  1. Ive noticed that weed inhibits my memory of all dreams.. I don't know if I even dream anymore? Or if i just simply cannot remember. Ive recently become very interested in lucid dreaming, and I want to be able to have vivid dreams like i used to while still being able to smoke. Im wondering has anyone noticed that a sleeping position has benefited their success in LDs? any thoughts? any tips? any success with LD while still smoking weed? 

  2. I've only been able to have a few lucid dreams, other dreams I become conscious that I'm dreaming and then wake myself up on accident. Don't know of any particular positions that help with lucid dreaming lol. I know that keeping a journal/diary of your dreams is suppose to help you recognize patterns in your dreams which will in turn help you become conscious that you're dreaming. Also you can do reality checks, if you do this often you will start to do it in your dreams. Marijuana does slow down your REM (rapid eye movement) during your sleep so it would be best if you smoke less often before going to sleep.
  3. I find that when I fall asleep with my face directly in my wife's crotch that I have very lucid dreams....
    Why, in one reoccurring dream I find myself lost in some sort of mysterious cave....the walls are very warm and inviting, jelly-like in places, and there is a deep fruited musk in the air....when I finally emerge, in a drunken stupor, I notice that the entrance to the cave very much resembles a very delicate marsh lily.....
  4. This doesnt answer your question but may help you achieve your goal.

    If you have the android market you can dow load a free app called Binaural Beats which has a psychoacoustic beat to help guide your brain into a slower frequency and induce lucid dreams. Its also called brainwave entrainment, beware though, there is as much (or more) bad info on the subject as their is good info.

    Ive tried various beats and always just end up falling sound asleep ( which lucid dreaming is a state that is between awake and sleep if i recall).
  5. The answer to the thread title for most people is on your back.
  6. The only way I have found around the weed-induced dream-amnesia is to wake up a few hours before you actually have to get up. Then go back to sleep, repeatedly telling yourself in your head that you 'know this is a dream.' Should increase the likelihood of you remembering dreams, and may induce lucids.
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  8. I've smoked weed everyday for atleast 5 years now and I remember every dream I have. It has a lot to do with trying to remember your dreams and to make your first thought when you wake up "what did I just dream about. Dream journals help a lot. For the op question I've found that sleeping on my back works best for lucidity induction

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