What is the best roach in your opinion and why, please discuss

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  1. with so many on the market and new ones coming out all the time i wondered what people thought of roach and what's there favourites 

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    you mean filter tips?
  3. Elements and RAW filter tips are the best imo
  4. [quote name="smokinpastmidnight" post="19365789" timestamp="1390093095"]Elements and RAW filter tips are the best imo[/quote]I prefer elements Raws tend to get stale and make your joint taste like crap after a while
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    The American cockroach:
  6. [quote name="s0mekind" post="19389316" timestamp="1390445673"]The American cockroach:[​IMG][/quote]Word:lol:Sent from my Huawei U8800-51 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. lol now that's a roach 
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    10 tips for 3.25 not bad , but not a great quality tip, 
    never tried any other tip so can't really talk about quality, but I highly prefer them over business card teared apart
  10. B-Real's "Phunky Feel Tips" look bad ass.
    this is how to handle them roaches...

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