what is the best portable vape for under 150?

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  1. i know that the most popular answer will probably be MFLB but a bunch have people have said that they are extremely over-hyped and thats what my friends have said. I have been considering the vapir no2 but i have heard mixed reviews about that also. any other suggestions are welcome. thanks
  2. I own a MFLB and adore it. :)

    There is a small learning curve, but it's great nonetheless. I had a bowl out of my pipe today which have me only a very slight high. I then grew bored after I "peaked" and had about 3-4 hits from my launch box with a partially used trench. I was surprised at the high it gave me; highest I've been in a while.
  3. Just got my Magic Flight Box in the mail today and it's BY FAR the best portable vape. I prefer to hit it over my Bong :D

  4. is the battery life a big problem or not really

  5. for me ive had mine for 3 months and used it less than 5times because of the battery life. im going to get upgraded batteries sometime.:(

  6. Let me just say, your friends are right. I'm surprised at how fast the MFLB evangelists were to this thread, but let me tell you they are certainly way overhyped.

    I'm not a huge fan of vapir but the no2 is a fairly popular unit. In my opinion, it would be best for you to save up just a few more dollars and go for an arizer solo. The solo is 200 dollars on some sites but you can score them for much less on amazon or ebay. Hands down, it is the best portable, and I'm not just saying that to make myself feel better about owning one, I really mean it. It puts out vapor like a desktop unit, the battery lasts a very long time and it is built like a tank. I never go anywhere without it and 4 pre packed stems in my pocket. I love it.
  7. Is Arizer still maintaining the warranty on Amazon/ebay units? Or does it have to be from an authorized seller?
  8. Yes they will honor a warranty as long as you still have your serial number and proof of purchase.

  9. BS! The mflb is in no way shape or form the best portable. It is simply the smallest and cheapest. Nothing more. Other portables are better. Which portable is the mflb better than and why? Besides being smaller than anything else, what does it do that other portables can't do? Nothing maybe? Why do you rate it better than a Solo or a Vapir or a Iolite or a bunch of others? By far the best? It isn't even close to being the best. It's small. It's cheap and it works (barely). End of story.
  10. Check the reviews on the Arizer Solo. You won't see many mixed reviews on it and you can find one in your price range. E-Bay or Amazon has them for your price and it's one of the best you can get.

  11. Yeah, you are right, everyone else is wrong.

  12. Ok you tell me what is it about the mflb that is better than for example, a Arizer Solo? Why should anyone consider the mflb to be a better vaporizer than a Solo? What does it do better? Anything?
  13. I agree with what you're saying, that the MFLB is not the BEST portable vape. Thing is, it seems like the only time you post its bashing the MFLB. Maybe that Solo isn't working correctly because you seem frustrated when someone praises the MFLB.

    Is the MFLB better than the Solo? No way, thats like comparing a Corolla to an Amazon, or an Altima to a Maxima, different leagues.

    Does that mean the MFLB doesn't work? No way, it definitely does the job. It gets you high, conserves bud, cheap, effective, etc.

    Just seems like you waste way too much energy bashing MFLB guys, and honestly, its like voting, you by yourself can't change what people think of it.

    I do agree people give it a little too much credit than it might be worth, but it does do a pretty decent job of getting me stoned.

  14. Which is why we get so pissed off and confrontational when people treat it like it is a Ferrari, like several posters in this thread. You seem to get it, but alot of others treat the MFLB like it is the most powerful vape on the market and it is that misconception we want to clear up.
  15. [quote name='"smarcus"']i know that the most popular answer will probably be MFLB but a bunch have people have said that they are extremely over-hyped and thats what my friends have said. I have been considering the vapir no2 but i have heard mixed reviews about that also. any other suggestions are welcome. thanks[/quote]

    The MFLB is a fine vape, and functions well, but not nearly as well as desktops or other portables. It's a rudimentary vape - bare bones kinda vape - which is great because it allows it to be cheap and portable and small.

    However, it's still about 100 dollars, and that money in my opinion is much better off being saved for something like the Arizer Solo. The Arizer Solo may be very slightly outside of your price range - but I think it's easily the best portable on the market. It rivals desktop vapes in the vapor it produces, and is temp controlled with a very long charge life.
  16. Where is the cheapest online vendor/store to actually buy the Solo with the warrnty being valid?

    Everyone says Amazon/ebay but there are quite a few sellers. Amazon would be preferred.
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    From which sellers don't they honor the warranty? Do you know of any? If it is in the original packaging why wouldn't they?

    Try this one. Their customer reviews are good.
  18. Ive gotten a vapir n02 for 179.99, battery died in 4 months. bought a WISPR iolite, shit man, best thing ever, more expensive tho.
  19. I just got my solo from amazon 3 days ago. Got it for 163. The seller I got it from was Allstar wholesale on amazon. Works great. By far best portable vape on the market. Good luck. Let me know if you need any help. Good vaping everyone
  20. Just a quick question. How many holes in your stems and did you go black or silver? Just curious. I'm silver with 4 holes. I know some are 3 hole and I THINK, some of the originals only had 2. I'm not sure about that one though. The 3 and 4 I'm positive about because I've either had them or used them.

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