What is the BEST place to smoke and just chill?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smokin&tokin, May 7, 2003.

  1. Well, I know there is a thread for the most strangest places you have smoked, but i made one for the best places everyone here likes to chill and shit in! Any suggestions.... i like to smoke in the woods, pretty tight! and on a lake or somewhere in the wilderness? any thoughts?
  2. oh yeah, i rememberd another one, i love to lay on my back on my trampoline, when no one else is alone, and its night time, so i can see a ton of stars and the moon, and be high as hell..... pretty trippy to watch falling stars when im high! aahh!!
  3. good idea about the stars. but i dont really go in the woods that much. i just smoke in my room and hang out there. or in our rec room. play pong, watch concerts on tv, movies or just play guitar.

  4. The best place to smoke? it depends on so many different things, people around you and such, but gneraly: Outdoors,
  5. i like the outdoors like in the mountains a forest or by a lake. those are the best places somewhere senic otherwise just chilling in a living room.
  6. i like the safety of smoking in my house knowing i will never get in trouble. If im not at home i would have to say either in a car or in the woods but those occasions are rare because i have something were i dont like to smoke weed in cars.

  7. haha for real?
  8. if your on your own just chillin in your room watching tv or l;isten to music
  9. I like the spot I found on the other side of campus by the little fountain. I'm going to miss it this summer, but hopefully I'll find some other good place.
  10. chillin n blazin on my roof durin summer its wkd u can just chill n see my town and just space out [​IMG]
  11. i would rather smoke in the woods always its jus fuicking great lol but right now im high as fuck and not even in the wods lol oh well peace
  12. i think the best places, up by my cabin, are all these logging roads that go deep in the woods. theres no one around, my friend and i blast music and drive the 4x4 while smoking out the window, laughing... :)_ nothin beats that.
  13. Got to be outdoors, on top of the highest hill you can find. (Make sure weather is going to be good though)
    Pinball is great when youre stoned but i prefer to play pool or snooker, games go on for hours.
  14. with friends.

  15. i got a couple places i like to go, down at the waterfront late at night, like 1-2am but you gotta be careful because theres popos cruising around some times and in this huge ass park by my house.
  16. i used to do that all the time with my trampoline and yes it rocks! :) stars are cool
  17. I love just smokin in my room with muh friends and turnin the base all the way up and just zoning out w/tons of food lol
  18. in my city there is a tall place that we can see all the city.... at night the city stay beatifull, all the lights, the cars and these things.... and to smoke there, seeing all this, together some friends and rap music playing in the car, it's fantastic..... and after to smoke, we stay seeing the city and talking, laughing.... to go there by car together a girl is better... ehehehe....

  19. In my room just sitting with music on and smoking ,but on a good day or a dark night it is good outside in this wee field.
  20. Down by the river with a fishing pole in the water and having a big bag to smoke all day and just set back a listen to the birds and the water it makes your stone very nice because your not worrying about a thing

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