What is the best piece to own?

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  1. So I've been looking for a new piece to own and I didn't want to spend over 100 dollars. What is the best piece to buy for that amount of money
  2. just get a nice glass bowl dont spend more than like $40
  3. Bong. Has to be glass though. I picked up my straight tube with ice catchers from a local headshop for about 80$, it's my favorite piece. Even better than my halo perc bong.
  4. I've got a small little spoon that hits alright I'm looking more for a bong, my buddy wants to sell me his phire bong it has a pretty big ice catcher and he told me it had 1 perc. Do you think that's a good deal?
  5. hard to say u didnt even tell us how much hes selling it for
  6. Oh sorry he said 50 bucks, and this is a noob question but what do percs do? And if you have more percs is it better?
  7. percolator is just an extra chamber for the smoke to be filtered through water again having more doesn't necessarily make it better, its more of a matter of personal preference
  8. there are a few different types any idea what type his is? ex. tree arm, dome, etc
  9. It's a dome, just a basic dome bong but the whole upper part of it is an ice catcher
  10. Its all about what you prefer. Some friends I know LOVE wood pipes and swear by them. Glass spoons are always a nice and smooth. You can definitely pick up a sweet bong for less than 100(be sure its glass though) Personally, my favorite piece that I use every day is my black coral celebration pipe made from lavastone and plated in 24k gold. I got it for under 100 with a velvet bag and extra screens. You can check them out at celebrationpipes.com. Although it has a 1.5g bowl, and a crazy pull... its for veteran smokers. Lol. but happy hunting. Post a pic on the piece you end up getting. -one love-
  11. As of right now I can only take about .8 to a gram to the face and I'm feeling pretty nice. But that 1.5 bowl sounds good for friends and stuff
  12. I think the best pieces are bubblers. You can find a sick mini one for under $100 for sure, but you could probably find a bigger one for that price too. You might have to look a little harder though.
  13. I had a nice color changer one that my sister gave me but my dad found it and smashed it in front of me. I did like it a lot that's a good suggestion. How big do they make bubblers?
  14. I hear a lot about the ssfg travel tube. It's around 60$. Check it out and ask around. A lot of people here say it's the best water piece for the budget.
  15. Lol. I usually don't load it all the way. And if I do, it lasts for 2 sessions alone.
  16. Yea I have a spoon that lasts for like 2 hits so that sounds perfect
  17. Shop around and buy something that looks cool to YOU, and something YOU want, dont listen to us.
  18. It's always good to be pointed in the right direction I've only been smoking for like 2 years and I just bought a spoon last week I only smoked joints

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