what is the best ph up/down solution?

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  1. What is the best, easiest ph up/down product or home remedy for outdoor plants in containers?
  2. Not sure about best. But I use lemon jiuce and baking soda.
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    How much baking soda do you use per gallon of soil in your container? Or is it added to water, if so, how much per gallon of water? My ph got very low after I started following the directions of the advanced nutrients company for the Iguana Juice bloom. I had been feeding in 1 1/2 liter doses with 4 milliliters of Juice per liter twice a day since I forced her to bloom which was for about three weeks. Ph was stable between 6.5 and 6.9. Then, as per the recommendations of Advanced Nutrients, I started feeding one GALLON at 4 ml per liter twice a WEEK and water as needed in between. That caused a dramatic drop in ph. It should be noted that I am using a Sunleaves 4-in-one digital soil meter, the kind with one probe. I've been told that they are very inaccurate, however, it seems consistent. It shows steady readings on other plants and was consistent on my lady. She is sativa dom., 40+ inches tall, and in a clay container with lots of drain holes and drain well it does.
    She is one month almost into flowering, is that to late to add lime? Basicly, I'm trying to find a quick, short term fix and also something that is going to balance it out long term. I flushed with three gallons of distilled water yesterday but that failed to bring up the ph much.
  4. I add to the water. Just small pinch. Your going to have figure out how much alone. Ferts and tap water are all different.

    Add lime to your soil to bring the soils ph up.

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