what is the best outdoor seeds for out door cooler climates ,

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  1. a few people are asking me to find seeds that will work well outdoors in europe whitch is recommended for for high yeild high thc and good for wetter climates anyone any ideas?????
  2. I copied and pasted this list off of a google search for "fast finishing, mold resistant strains".

    Sweet Seeds- Green Poison
    Sweet Seeds- Speed Devil
    Sweet Seeds- Sweet Afghani Delicious S1
    Delicious Seeds- Sugar Black Rose
    Delicious Seeds- Fruity Chronic Juice
    Delicious Seeds- Northern Light Blue
    Royal Dutch Genetics- Love Cheese
    Royal Dutch Genetics- LA Cheese
    Barney's Farm- 8 Ball Kush
    Barney's Farm- Pineapple Chunk
    Ceres Seeds- Orange Bud
    Ceres Seeds- Ceres Skunk
    Dinafem- Blue Hash
    Dinafem- California Hashplant
    Dutch Passion- Holland's Hope
    Dutch Passion- Frisian Dew
    G13 Labs- Blueberry Gum
    G13 Labs- Midnight Kush
    Kiwiseeds- Kiwiskunk
    Nirvana Seeds- Swiss Cheese
    Paradise Seeds- Rox
    Royal Queen Seeds- Ice
    Kannabia Seeds- Thai Fantasy
    Kannabia Seeds- BCN Diesel
    Kannabia Seeds- Origional Berry
    Kannabia Seeds- Afrodite
    Kannabia Seeds- Kannabia Special
  3. thank you thats a great list thanks for your time ,
  4. :)It took 10 seconds.
  5. see ive just started selling seeds & have a good customer that is interested in getting some thing with really high yeild and thc and resistant to mold , is there any thing that you can think of that will suit him ,

    he said he has the pineapple chunk
  6. & fast finishing , this guy does not want much lol
  7. Hit the google, homie.

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