what is the best option for potting?

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  1. Hi fellows,

    Well the outdoor season is about to start here and I'm feeling pretty excited about having an outdoor chocolope.

    The plant is now about 10cm in the warmth of a box inside a 2,5litre pot and I am planning to put in on my balcony this weekend.

    My plan was to first put it in a 15 litre pot until june and then ove it into a a 69litre pot as I consider the 69litre pot to be a bit too big for the size the plant is now.

    Would you counsel me to do the 2,5-->15l--->69 litre or directly transplant it into the 69 litre pot?

    My goal is not to have a 2,5 m tall plant but at least 1m80 . Would putting it directly into the 69l pot make it grow really fast ?

    what is your advice,

  2. i would skip the 15 and go straight into the 69. transplanting can be very stressful on a plant no need to do it more then you need to. when i get my clones i put them right into their 5 gallon smart pots
  3. isn't there a risk to waste water since nearly all of the soil will be devoid of roots for the first weeks ?
    isn't there a risk for the soil to take too long to dry out if the plant is too small to absorb everything?

    I do agree with the fact its a potentially big stress


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