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What is the best, most potent weed on the market right now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cow-udders, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. I don't know a lot about strains, but Maui Waui fucked me up a lot, and apparently that stuff isn't even that strong compared to what others have shown me. What weed messed you up the most? Give strain name and amount you smoked, yo.

  2. Strain names are immaterial to this. How high you get depends entirely on the percentage of THC in the weed. So you can have your Maui and get fucked up on it because it's 30% THC, and then you can get Maui again later and it's only 16% THC and you're not getting fucked up as much on it. Unless you're buying from a dispensary you can never really be sure about the strain name, and unless your state requires dispensaries to lab test their weed, you'll never know THC content.

    To answer the original question though.... I've had both a Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies that were absolute fire. Bought blackmarket so no idea on percentages or anything else. Wish I knew though, because they were both just damn.

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  3. Another strain which tests consistently higher than average is White Fire OG. One harvest was tested at 35.4% THC by weight! Please keep in mind that this isn't the only active cannabinoid to take into account when determining so called "potency."
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  4. It's also important to note that most labs that test for THC have a 10% margin of error, which is massive.
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  5. wow, really? i didn't know THC levels can vary on the same strain. your clarification was clear and concise, thanks much! ah, and ive heard of Sour Diesel. i really wish i could request strains from my dealer but it's always just a roulette when i buy.
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    Dark matter 40% the. Can't attest to accuracy, as it was a home op, but damnnnn just the quarter I got lasted ages. Paid top dollar
  7. It's growing in my basement and I have not come up with a name yet.
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  8. Is it the shit that killed Kennedy? That makes you pass out, with your head forcefully going back and to the left?


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  9. No way, not me. That was a strain called CIA OG

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  10. I've smoked some GSC and it was absolute fire, I'd say for me death bubba was a very good high
  11. GanjaWeedFireOGKushDroDieselWreck is definitely the bombest of all strains.
  12. If it wasn't tested, why do you think it was 40%? Because the dealer told you? lol
  13. Golden goat got us all so high we referred to getting high as "getting goated" for the weeks we had it.
  14. jack the ripper, really good shit

    if you want to have a really good night, ak-47 mixed with og kush mixed with jack the ripper.
  15. Granddaddy Purple fucks everyone up.
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