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what is the best marijuana strain there is? highest thc levels

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by fireinside2288, May 9, 2008.

  1. OMG, the prices at BCseeds are horrendous! They should be ashamed, I think that is counter-nature... 35%of thc? Don't trust it, not looking to get me down on the floor, just light and sometimes couchlocked ^^
  2. g-13. got some clones recently and hoping for success. supposedly genetically modified by the us govt in 60's to upwards of 28% THC content
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    No, you are ass backwards. Sativas are known for their high THC levels, where as Indicas are known for their higher CBD/CBN percentages.

    Sativas also taste better. It is much more common to find you more fruity, citrus type scents and flavors from Sativas rathr than Indicas. That is why it always cracks me up when a grower says they prefer Indicas, then state they are more about how their bud taste. Indias have more of a spicy, hashy flavor vs Sativas which tend to have more fruity, sweet, deisel/fuel tastes/scents. Most of the best tasting strains are Sativa/Sativa dominant, Sativas have the higher THC percentages.
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    the best is in the pipe i am just lighting.

    the best i have ever smoked was called blueberry. great taste and potent

  5. no one should EVER buy from them
  6. White strains tent to have high THC levels also plants with wider leaves then to have more thc in the leaves than plants with thinner leaves.

    It sound like breeders are working on strains that just grow blocks of hash. 89-99% THC!
  7. i just got some UK Cheese from a buddy......good buddy......:smoke:

  8. I'd like to see some documented proof of this statement. There is no hash any where in this world that is 89-99% THC. I'd really like to see some proof of where you get your information from.
  9. Wow I remember the days of one strain no pain...Buy it by the bail....LOL....I don't worry to much about THC but the high. Sativas are a head high and Indicas are a body high. So I go for more sativa than indica in the strains that just taste good, gives a good ass kikin without turning into a zombi!! I grew Alaska Thunderfuck back in the day and you couldn't beat the taste or high.
  10. Well, for one you can check out the book "Hashish" which reports of tested and documented hash with concentrations as high as 70%+ THC, and that was almost 30 years ago.

    The lab in Oakland has tested many types of hash with some being has high as 95%+. It is entirely possible to get 99% pure THC with well made hash oil - some "budder" has tested in the high 90's as well. I've seen it and smoked it myself it is damn good stuff.
  11. I don't know any of the numbers on Blueberry, but I picked some up the other day and wow, one hit and you are blazed, two hits and you are gone, smoked like a Sativa. As far the best strain/smoke it is all person preference and how well it was grown. If you like the couch-lock lazy highs that take aches away try and pick up a strain the is Indica dominant. If you like the cerebral uplifting highs lean towards a Sativa dominant strain. In the end if you get just about any seeds from a reputable seed bank and grow/cure it correctly you won't care about the THC percentage because it will get plenty high. :smoke:
  12. Um I personally think the best are 1. Alaskan Thunder Fuck i grew it last year from drgreenthumbs seeds and sent it to a lab and it hit 31% thc it is a 1 hit quit no doubt.
    2. Ninja Turtle = Martian Mean Green x White Russian they both have high thc %'s and they are breeded together

    3. Ak47 x Hash Plant its just good idk what the thc level is i think its good for Brownies:)
  13. lol...

  14. Do you have paper work cuz a 31+ plus thc could be world record....

  15. also heard thaat
  16. Full Spectrum labs in Denver say around 25% is the upper range for plant material.
  17. Jedi deathstar tested 45% thc
  18. never been more stoned than from AK47
  19. i think white russian cld be another killer but i havent tried it yet

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