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what is the best marijuana strain there is? highest thc levels

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by fireinside2288, May 9, 2008.

  1. well sry everyone if i posted this in the wrong place. it seems like this is the most viewed area. anyone have any opinion's?
  2. should probably post that in "general" or "recreational marijuana use"

    but i heard white widow has quite a bit of THC
  3. seconded
  4. Most seed banks tell the THC levels, but I prefer AK-47 over WW and Jack Herer
  5. neville's haze.......nuff said.
  6. I've seen a seed bank claim their White Queen has 20-25%. Thats the most I've ever seen. Usually white widow is around 17-20%.
  7. White Rhino and Mazar are 2 of my favs. and both are supposed to contain at least 20% thc.
  8. white widow sold in amsterdam is the best you will find, its 22% i believe, which would mean you would take 1 or 2 hits and then put out the blunt lol
  9. Personal Fav's
    Arjans Haze #3 from Greenhouse Seed
    White Berry from Paradise
    Jacky White from Paradise
    all are Sativa dominants w/fem seed avail @ 18-20% THC, 1% or higher CBD, .5% CBN
    Great for med use & can be had @ Dr Chronic (or so i hear, lol)

    Sativa = stimulated, 'up' high
    Indica = more body hi, 'couch lock' tendency

    Research "High Times Cup" winners & u cant go wrong... :smoking:
  10. The Doggies Nuts - G13 #1

    "Rated as being the most potent variety ever created with possibly the highest ever recorded levels of THC. Hold on to your boot straps as this catapults you into hyperspace."

  11. Def RED DRAGON

    23% THC
    1.2 CBD

    MY boy qrew that shit!! stunk up the appartment
    best shit i have ever had !! BY far!!
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    I've seen one actually called Medijuana, and it claims 25%. But you should also see what kind of high it gets compared to what you want. Most high THC are best for pain. The sativas tend to have higher THC amounts, with low CBD (that's the part that makes you feel tired), whereas the indicas are usually lower in THC and higher in CBD. This is a generalization of course, and certain hybrids can obviously override this. Ergo, a high THC level isn't necessarily what you're looking for. Like they say, there's a type of weed for everyone.

    Oops, I just realized that Fubar365 already said a lot of this. Ah well, I should read more closely next time.
  13. I had some stuff called Herijuana and it was dank dank dank!

    Ive never been that stoned and Ive been smoking since 1975.
  14. Blue Haze or White Russian? I remember reading an article in High Times claiming White Russian as the highest
  15. It is more a matter of preference, a Sativa having the same THC levels as an Indica will not have the same effects, CBN/CBD levels also play a role in the type of high, as does how mature the plants was when it was harvested, the color of the trichomes plays a role in the high as well.

    Sex, God Bud, most of the White strains, etc have 20%+ THC levels, but vary in CBN/CBD levels. We can talk about his strians or that strains, but the bottom line comes down to preference and how the strains was grown more than what a seed bank places in it's adverts.

  16. Check out BCseeds. They have some crazy strains, like 34% THC. Elephant Bud, Euphoria Unlimited and Euphoria Express all have 34% or more.

  17. ass backwards... indica has higher thc levels, CBN/CBD not so sure about. although i cant argue on that couchlock part, but sative/indica hybrids are best and well suited for most grow ops. but personaly i think ARJANS HAZE 1 is supremely kill along with REAL GRAND DADDY PURPLe
  18. They also have a strain called High IQ Bud, which claims to raise your IQ, I wouldn't put much stock in their claims.
  19. I saw strains claiming to be as high as 41% on the BC Seed site yesterday. Not sire whether I belive it though. There are also other considerations like Cannaboids? and terepenes?.
    I agree with finding what you like best.
  20. Barneys farm LSD claims 22-24% THC. Havent got to smoke it yet so i really cant tell you if its that potent.

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