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what is the best marijuana flowering fertilizer???

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by kushmanjockin, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Was just wondering what people use and perfer for their flowering stage in soil. Everyone i know uses the fox farm line, getting good results. I just wanted to try something new, was thing about some Budswell (0-7-0) let me know what you have found to work.
  2. FoxFarm BigBloom, or FoxFarm Tiger Bloom
  3. ever try seasrching 'flowering fertilizer'......
  4. ask any grower, and they will probably say what their using. there are many many different opinions. most people like fox farm or biobizz products though. one of my friends who grows for some dispensaries swears by pure blend(origional, not pure blend pro), but another friend who grows for a dispensary(and owns a hydroponics store) swears by a different nutrient that i just cant remember the name of now. but, for most grows, unless you recycle your nutrients(hydroponics, or outdoor grow in soil, just not pots), he said it wasnt worthwhile cause of the high costs to it. the basic 2 nutrient solutions it used werent expensive at all($15 or so a bottle), but the specialty ones you could also add in during flowering were $40+ a bottle, but, thats why he said its a waste for growers using pots where most of it just drains out anyways. but, it has a much higher ppm allowance before it will burn ur plants or something like that he would swear by. man, i really wish i could think of the name, but i cant now. i will ask him tomorrow or something what it was called cause its bugging me now. haha:eek:
  5. i piss and poop in my own pots haha jk.....i like the fox farm tiger and big bloom and general hydroponics sweeteners

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