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What Is the best legal high?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by pnoygangsta, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. what are the best legal highs not alcohol, but not anything too strong like slalvia divinorum,
    any suggestions? Herbs that can be made into a tea would be best, relaxing, peaceful, maybe closed eye visuals at the most for hallucinations, anything similar to a marijuana high. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Please don't tell me to just smoke some weed. This is for my friend who can't smoke but likes the high that marijuana gives him, he can't take it in tea or food form either cause of allergys, please give some suggestions of good legal highs
  2. I'd say that if it isn't illegal than it isn't worth trying and is probably dangerous.
  3. smoke some weed
  4. Salvia is by far the best but sometimes it can be the worst! Just be sure to have a good mind-set before smoking sweet lil sally. :smoke:
  5. DXM or Spice Diamond
  6. Buy some Kratom online....its like vicoden kinda if you take enough of it...you can buy a kilo of good powder for like 220, and you just mix like 7-14 grams in a drink and chug it...tastes liek shit but its worth it
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    kava kava is supposed to be good
  8. Quoted for truth +rep All of thoes"legal highs" just seem kinda scary since we don't have any long term info on them.
  9. Actually we do. As recently discovered, the Spice blends as well as the blends "Smoke" and "Chillin XXX" all contain JWH-018. Even though we JUST found out they contain the chemical, a LOT has been known about JWH-018. It is a synthetic cannibinoid similar to those found in weed. It is already restricted for sale in the USA but you can easily get it through chemical sites and you can even buy Spice Diamond/other blends through ebay.co.uk(the British ebay) as they are still legal there. Tests have confirmed the toxicity of JWH-018 to be low but there MAY be an overdose risk.
  10. oh i had no idea. are there any serious side effects of jwh-018 and also im assuming jwh-018 is sortta like thc and if it is can you buy it buy its self like in capsules or anything?

  11. There are tons of psychoactives that are in legal limbo. Just because we know a little about one of them doesn't mean we know a lot about all of them.
  12. kratom hands down.
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    Sex naturally. Then beer, lovely sweet nectar of life. And if one got the stamina, drinking silly amounts of coffee whilst being awake for 36+ hours.

    Some also claim exhaustive physical training give a high, even so much that it becomes addicitive. Personally though, I think they are all lying. And even if not, they are clearly borderline insane. Seriously, getting all sweaty and panting for what? Getting sweaty and panting?

  14. legal highs or buzzes ive had

    alky- not what you want for an answer, but it'll work.
    salvia- awesome, the best on my list imo.
    benadryl- lame
    nutmeg- very very nice, probably the closest to weed, except for maybe spice gold, but ive never had it.
    tobaccy- gross
    id recommend nutmeg or spice gold/diamond.
  15. 400 mg's of DXM.
  16. I'd say Nitrous Oxide is pretty damn nice, only thing that sucks is the duration. Also the research chemicals are very nice highs. Also if you want to really feel an awesome legal high, try PEA (phenylethylamine, legal to buy.. even off amazon) PLUS selegiline (deprenyl). VERY Euphoric
  17. Dextromethorphan, or Diphenhydramine.
    The latter is more like a delerious state, rather than high.
  18. u dick. lol
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