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What is the BEST indica dominant hybrid

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sweedright, Nov 10, 2022.

  1. I prefer to grow indica dominant hybrids as Sativa's tend to make me a little anxious, I was wondering what everyone's favorite indica dominant hybrid is.
  2. Zkittlez is the hottest at the moment

    but I prefer 9lb hammer, old school
    little know of these days

    Gorilla Glue is stashed some place and will
    emerge once other stocks reduce

    GSC was the hottest but has faded heaps but still around, being promoted by shitty disps

    Blueberry old school, but getting rare,
    very upmarket

    Ice Cream Cake is my latest if I ever get around to germing

    good luck
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  3. I'll second that zskittles, is some good stuff

    Cross it with some gelato, get some runtz

    GSC (and derived strains like gelato, runtz etc) have always done best for me on both the quality of high, and that they tend to be stout, and finish sooner than more sativa dom strains imo.

    Special mention to blue dream, even though its generally sativa dominant, as one of the only sativa doms thats takes me to an intense "good place" along with Jack Herer (although the Jack is typically weaker overall than the blue dreams, at least the ones I grow.

    Bubba Kush is also good, being a contributor to the GSC lineage (and subsequently gelato, runtz, zskittles).

    I've generally had good experienced chasing strains down these genetic paths of the cannabis family tree.

    GD purp and derived strains have also done well for me too, hope you find what your looking for mate!
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  4. That's reassuring, as the sweet zensations I have going now are zkittles X grape ape. I guess I will find out in 5 or so weeks.
  5. I'd say with the heavy indica influence of grape ape, plus all the great shit thats gone into GSC and its derivatives down the line, you will hopefully be satisfied with the results.

    I'm having some concerns about the Bruce Banners I'm growing atm too, like I do with every "first time" strain.

    My main concern is the trich density is fierce for these banners, but they seem slow to fill, and the pistils have already receded some and the plant is otherwise showing signs that its getting fairly close to the end.
    20221110_134553.jpg 20221110_13_57_39.jpeg
    I dumped some side lighting onto them in hopes of pushing this last month, but I'm also always apprehensive when trying new stuff (although usually its my skill, not the strain that lets me down if things go south.)

    Looks like we will both get our answers in 4-6 weeks, best of luck!
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  6. Banners do run a little slower, usually 9 weeks flower min, but being an auto, who knows. Trichome changes can happen fast sometimes, like one day they aren't ready and the next day they are. Pistils are a quick visual cue as to when harvest may be approaching, but the only true determinator that matters is if your trichs are where you want them.
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  7. Super Skunk (Sensi Seeds)

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