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What is the best indica and sativa strains to grow?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by findme, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I am basically looking to find the strongest indica strain that is out right now and the strongest sativa strain that is out there.

    I am not planning a huge grow, this is just for my personal pleasure so im only going to have 1-2 plants of indica and 1-2 plants of sativa.
  2. check cannabis cup winners.
  3. Yea I'd say go with the attitude and just look for Connosseiur strains tab
  4. "strongest" is quite vague. And considering how rare it is for people to lab-test strains, it's nearly impossible to tell anyway.
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    ah, true.

    What I mean is what are the best pure indica strains and a pure sativa strains to grow? if that makes sense. I just want some super couch lock pure indica. you guys know of any?
  6. Afghan Kush or its related derivatives are good examples of pure indicas. Plants with near Thai genetics (or thai plants themselves, if you get seeds) will be good examples of pure sativas.

    Both plants are very, very strong and form the basis for many well-known strains.
  7. Haze is a good strong sativa.

    Northern Lights is a strong indica.
  8. I grew Nirvana's "Aurora Indica" this winter and everyone who has smoked it begs for more. It's a fast hitting, full body stone, but leaves you open to creativity (love to partake before writing music) and the taste is smooth as silk.

    An added bonus is that I believe it is considered to be an easy plant to grow.

    Check out my grow journal link below to get an idea of the bud size.
  9. Highest THC for a Sativa got to be Golden Nugget from m-seeds.nl, I finished one of my most successful grows to date in February of this stuff. The yield is a little lower than some other strains so you need to make sure you allow it extra veging time to get the most out of it but as a smoker and grower of 13 years i have never had a stronger hit. The site claims THC levels of 24/25% which is can definately believe. Very very nice:smoking:
  10. Growing indoor or out? If indoor, i'd go with a sativa hybrid, haze/skunk or SSH was excellent. Serious seeds old version kalimist was a great sativa, haven't grown it in years. Indica no problem indoors, LUI was good, herijuana better, i'm not into indicas, but sensi star was my fav. Some indoor hybrids i like are A11, C99, swissbliss, apollothunder to name a few.

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