What is the best hallucinogen to start with?

Discussion in 'General' started by willymac, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. i really want to try a hallucinogen, and want to know what the best one to start on is.

    ive been looking into salvia, and it looks promising, but i was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions.

    it needs to be a short trip - ie less than 6 hours.
  2. I'd start with an Ambien. Infact, thats really the first hallucigen I've taken. Its not technically a hallucigen, but it certainly makes you hallucinate like crazy!
  3. Wrong forum bud, go to chill out zone, scroll to the bottom and find pandoras box ;)

    but start with mushrooms. Imo.

    Or salvia since it only lasts for a short period of time.
  4. LOL don't take ambien its not a hallucinogen. Take like half an eighth of shrooms or something, i wouldn't take salvia because it is short and it kind of sucks IMO compared to other hallucinogens like acid, mescaline and mushrooms. But half an eighth of shrooms isn't overwhelmingly intense but it is a great time!
  5. LSA or shrooms maybe LSD if you think you would be ok with it.
  6. crack.

    Kidding, probably a low dosage of shrooms. Whatever you do though, make sure your first trip is with someone who has had experience with that particular hallucinogen.

    My shroom trips have all lasted about 4 hours, but you get mad tired afterwards so have time set aside for sleep. Its best to do them on a friday or saturday evening, so then the trip wears off a little after midnight and you have plenty of time to sleep.
  7. What? Ambien may not technically be a hallucinogen, but it makes you hallucinate like crazy. Its the best way to start, imo.

  8. Nah i think its pretty bad advice because its not one at all. He is asking for a hallucinogen to start with, he didn't say "what non hallucinogen should i take". Besides compared to acid and shrooms ambien doesn't come close to comparing. Also hallucinogen's open your mind and put you on another level intellectually, where as ambien just fucks you up, you may have crazy visuals on ambien, but its still nothing like real hallucinogen's.
  9. Good point. +rep for the correction :)

    OP: Scratch that, forget about the ambien.
  10. Shrooms are like a step up from marijuana, they are similar, but shrooms can be much more intense. In low doses it's simply a lot of fun, higher doses can be life changing philosophical journeys.
  11. start with shrooms like most people have said

    even if you take a relatively strong dose the peak doesnt last that long - a weakish shroom trip can last a couple of hours and you'll peak for maybe 30 mins

    good fun :D
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    triple cs / robotussen
    salvia (if ur lucky enough to be able to get it)

    in that order, and yes i kno dxm isnt really a hallucinogen but u might as well start with it cuz tha effects are the same and its really lightweight anyway
  13. I agree with a low dosage of shrooms
  14. Dehydration. One hell of a trip..
  15. Guys if you want to recommend him something that he can potentially overdose on "remember first time trying anything" you better give a god damn good explanation of what hes about to take and show him the ropes.

    Don't just say go grab some tussin and party thats how kids end up on meat slabs. If you guys want to recommend something that he can hurt himself on then it is your responsibility to explain it to him.
  16. Please don't suggest somebody to do something as dangerous as CCCs, thanks.

    OP, if you want to try DXM, make sure whatever you use contains ONLY DXM
  17. dont start with Salvia - it's completely fucking pointless


    you'll be giggling and pissing yourself laughing on shrooms for a good couple of hours with some minor visuals and auditory hallucinations - Salvia you'll just come round from after 5 mins and go "what the fuck was that" and remember none of it
  18. Yeah, I wouldn't start on salvia, my friend did salvia afew weeks ago and she tripped like fuck. She said she's never doing halucinagens again, and she won't believe that mushrooms and acid are completely different and not as intense.
    I wouldn't say salvia is very recreational, I'd definately say start on mushrooms. You don't need a particularly low dose, a mushroom trip is easy to control.
  19. A nice huge hit of Salvia with a torch and a water pipe... You will break through first milk I promise you.
  20. Erm except it's not, because everybody on here has the responsibility of researching THOROUGHLY what they're going to be putting into their body. That's just fucking common sense.

    That said, we can't give out dosage advice here anyway, so it's not like too much more can be said.

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