What is the best dog breed for a stoner?

Discussion in 'General' started by beyondblazed, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. So a couple of friends and I moved into a house and we're trying to get a pet. We figured a sweet dog would be the way to go, since they are good companions and are an easyy way to meet girls. What particular breed would be best suited for some chiefers?
  2. get a beagle
  3. German Shephard style dogs are incredibly trainable.

    If you want something small and low maintenence, and amazingly a chick grabber.....go with a chiuhuaha. They're kinda dumb, but they're kinda fun in the fact that they're absolutely dumb and useless.....if you get what I mean.

    They actually make good gaurd dogs. They can't actually do anything to protect anyone, but they'll hear a familiar car pull onto the street a block away. Other than the fact of course that you have a tiny girl dog :)
  4. i like wrestling with my friends pitbull when we get baked, its hella fun.
    Boxers are fun too
  5. Labradoodle. They don't shed, are very loving, and very affectionate. I hve one; she's the 1st generation breed of them so she still sheds but he's really sweet.
  6. German Shepherd for sure!:hello: This is my dog, Poochie.
  7. Labs are pretty awesome. They always are happy and love you :D
    I have a white lab myself. Also have a German Shepard who id pretty awesome :cool:
    I had this one mut dog, she was pretty small and was black. She loved to get high with me. I really miss her :( Had to put her down like 8 months ago. :(
  8. What does being a stoner have to do with picking out a dog:confused:
    Are you trying to ask what type of dog is good for lazy people to take care of?
  9. I would want a german sheperd or a lab

    actually a husky would be nice too :)
  10. Got the first 2 lol. Ive always wanted a husky though. I think there so majestic and bad ass haha. I mean they look like a wolf, so damn cool :cool:
  11. get a cat if you guys are lazy stoners, they just kick it by your side all day
  12. i have a wolf like dog

    a Norwegian elk hound

    shes great, natural hunter, guard dog, loves her family, good girl ,lol
  13. Boxers man.

    This is mine.

    He comes in my room when my friends are over because he hears the bics, he loves getting high, friendly and playful all around.

    He accidentally ate my edibles, then after it he sniffs out the same ones and eats them, on purpose..

    He's chill (;
  14. I've always wanted a pug or a St. Bernard.

    Imagine the Bernard comes to with with a keg filled with weed around its neck.
  15. My lab. Nollie:

    And my GS. Thor:

  16. [​IMG]
  17. Not gonna lie my dogs got my back. My lab usually rocks a blue bandanna lol. I like the green one too though. The GS ALWAYS has the red one on. They actually hate not wearing them.
  18. [​IMG]

    Boxers man.. this one looks just like my little girl only if she was fully grown.

    they are playful, smart, and goofy.
  19. So.

    Boxers win the vote.

    Hurry up and go buy one.

    Then smoke the little guy out.

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