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What is the best bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Flyfish, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for a while now and I own a few pipes. I was looking to buy a bong. I have a well paying job, so price doesn't matter to me, I just want the best quality there is. I was just wondering what the best company for bongs was, if price is not a factor. I know that roor is up there, but I wanted to know if there is another company that is better.
  2. roor is pretty good, but there is alot better.

    look into toro and sg.
    browse grasscity too
  3. Bent neck hollow foot Peyote pillar
  4. Medicali is another good brand.
  5. Dunno, Roors. :D I think so.
  6. SG,2011bc , zob, toro. maybe DWB if ur into waiting game but you end up with a sick custom.
  7. If money wasnt an issue for me, i would get a SG king stemline. The only problem is, they come and go on aqualab, and if i were you i would definatly be getting it from aqualab. I believe it is the best bong because it is pretty perfect, amazing diffusion and stacking, and the way the bong is made you can pull as hard as you want and you will never feel water, its also the perfect height and size. Here is one they have up now, but wait for a normal one, dont buy this shit

  8. All of the above, and also Hoss Glass.
  9. If your serious about getting something nice, buy a boromarket account, and start your search. Only place on the web the deals exclusively with HIGH END glass.

    p.s. roors blow.......hands down best glass company for tubes is Sovereignty, ask any glass head.
  10. Roors do not blow...they are expertly crafted but the price/function ratio is way way way off.
  11. Like one poster said, if you want best diffusion and pure quality, SG hollowfoot peyote pillar. But it may be hard to track one of those down, so my second opinion would be a Nate Dizzle Swiss perc.
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  13. What exactly makes that tube godly? IT'S GOT GOLD ON IT IT MUST BE GODLY.

    There's no work on the tube...at all, and it functions like every other tube.

    If I'm paying that much for a regular function tube, it better look like this...




    When I am going for function, nothing beats SG

    Stem to 8


    or Peyote Pillar


    note: none of these are mine. Just conveying to people that Roor =/= the best of the best anymore.
  14. Sg for sure... I love the sg bent neck king stemlines.
  15. yeah, devol is just sick nasty.
  16. roor hasnt done much to innovate in a long time. but IMO, after hitting all these crazy new perc technologies and designs that are GREAT btw...i always go back to my roor.de straight tube w/diffy and roor.de bowl w/glass gauze.
    its as simple as it gets, but its made so perfectly for the most natural feeling hit. of course this is all my opinion, but i guess my point is while Roor has surely fallen behind in this fast evolving glass scene, their simple designs are so well executed that i feel they will always have their place. i will definitely always love the way my roor hits.
  17. also, i feel like theres something special about the roor brand and image, theres something real OG and 'official' about roor, and its prob because roor were really among the first to start this whole scene. because of this i feel like a roor is essential to any glass collection.
  18. arguably this is the most expensive, and possibly the nicest, but IMO some custom shit by toro or SGW [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YxMzvrdBJA]‪Quad coil illadelph pyramid perk‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

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