What Is The Best And Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mikegunior7, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Best - on Tuesday i got high, jacked off and watched porn it was G.O.A.T.
    Worst - the day my grandma passed R.I.P.

  2. yeah the day my grandma died was the worst too. and the dui I got in october has really fucked my life up....
    best.... i dunno. i've had lots of cool moments. Hung out with Aaron Lewis of Staind once after a show, that was pretty surreal. And met Creed and Alter Bridge's guitarist Mark Tremonti, he's one of my idols, badass fucking guitar player. So that was dope as fuck too.
  3. You look really ripped in your avi man. But I do not know if you are cuz you look about 15-20 lighter than me.
    I look at the same body tone wise and structural wise. Is your name Micheal by any chance?
  4. Best thing ever? Walking around drunk with my friends in the city at night when I was 16. That night was an adventure, had to walk home because our car got towed and didn't get home till like 7 am
    Worst? When my grandparents died. They died a year apart from eachother, but I could never miss one more than the other
  5. nawww my names austin lol. I only weigh 125-130 though. I trane UFC.
  6. Best: Hubby hitting $50,000.00 on a lottery ticket. 
    Worst:  Delivering my stillborn son. 
  7. That's cool about the ticket.
    I'm sorry for your loss however
  8. Best: Losing my virginity hahaha. 
    Worst: Coming home to find my grandma lying at the bottom of the stairs, dead. She had a seizure.
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    You train UFC? No way I train NBA ;)

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  10. Best: After dating for this AMAZING girl for awhile, I planned out the perfect evening and told her I was in love with her, her eyes lit up and she confessed her love to me and it was just the most perfect valentines ever. Still miss her :/

    Worst: Probably this weekend coming up, putting down my 14 year old dog.
  11. Best - sitting with my family watching the sun go down over the mountains in nepal

    Worst - the girl i loved leaving me for someone else
  12. Best: having a kid

    Worst: losing my folks
  13. Best: trying drugs
    Worst: my ex of 5 years cheating

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