what is the best affordable vape

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  1. I have about 75 to spend. Any good vapes I can get that price?
  2. Vapor genie. Its about $65, you can get it on ebay. It has a bit of a learning curve but you can get great results. You can probably save $25 and get a mflb, that would be another good option. If you want to learn more about vaporizing go to the forums in fuckcombustion.com, theres a lot a good info there.
  3. You won't get a really good vape with that, but you could go with what mafutero said. There's also the easyvape which I've heard decent things about that you can find for around $50, and if you want to save up like about $40 more and get the hotbox I've also heard good things about that. But honestly if you want a good vape experience you should save up at least $200.
  4. do your money justice, buy a good vape at one time.
    If you spend $75 and you dont like the vape, you will end up buying a higher end vape eventually.

    High end vapes are good for the money because they pay for themselves in no time at all.

    For about $140 I think you can buy a blemished da buddha on ebay which is an awesome vape that you will wholeheartidly agree was better than the vape at a cheaper price.

    The cheapest vape though for around $70 would be the magic flight for $119 I believe, but in the end to be honest the da buddha will out do the magic flight in terms of thickness of the vapor, the taste, and ability to get you high.

    Da Buddha also utilizes a ceramic heat rod that only passes over glass so the vapor is amazingly smoothe.
    7thfloor products also have a $25 repair fee if anything goes wrong.

    I would seriously consider saving up a bit more so you WILL be happy about your decision.
  5. get like 10 or 20 bucks extra and get the MFLB (Magic Flight Launch Box) Best cheap vape there is!
    Trust me
  6. is the MFLB the little wooden box one? if so my buddy has that and i could taste the buds but it didn't pack any of the kick that i need to get high!
  7. yes, if you want a punch youre gonna have to get a high end vape.

    My Silver Surfer puts out clouds of vapor that looks like smoke, super thick and kicks my ass everyday.
  8. Definitely save up and shell out on a more expensive vaporizer. I ordered the Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 off of " myrubberneck" on eBay for $160. I suggest hitting up eBay for good deals.
  9. That is sooooo wrong. There are many, many people over at FC that have multiple vapes including many over the 200 price point and they absolutely love their LaunchBox which is half the price that you are suggesting that he should get.

    Not necessarily. One can get HUGE hits, more than their lungs can handle, with a vape such as the 55 dollar VaporGenie as well as the LaunchBox. It's all about technique. Granted, the more expensive home vapes have learning curves that are not as steep, and they do taste better, but once you get your technique down, these cheap vapes along with the 35 dollar VaporStar can provide HUGE hits. Also..........keep in mind that blowing out large vapor clouds is wasted vapor.

    My very first vaporizer was a VaporGenie and it provided as strong of a hit as my Buddha did.
  10. I'm so buying a blem dbv, cuz i just got sick and i can feel it in my chest, so when i need my vape most i can't use it because me and my friend pitched half for the extreme q, it was 260, so i would need 130$ to buy it and they are using it right now(even thought i know for a fact they aren't) thats what pisses me off. Feel like going over there and just taking it, because in know right this second one of them just took a BONG TOKE.
  11. Can u post a link to a blem dbv i cant find it?
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  13. yeah I could use a blemished link. And also can you post a link on the extreme q? Thanks guys. I knew I wouldnt regret joining GC.

    Also way off topic but does weed remove constipation. I took 2 immodium to combat my explosive diareah so I could go to soccer preseason. now I am so constipated It hurts to run and can't play.
  14. I don't know but sometimes I feel like weed makes me poop
    It's worth a shot, right?
  15. if you think weed makes you poop, i wouldnt do any white unmentionables that speed up your body
  16. Extreme q or ssv

  17. Between those two, for me, I'd get the SSV if it I was strictly going to be using it solo, but if you are also going to be using your vape for party situations also, I'd get the Extreme.
  18. a lot of people seem to like the vapor brothers box when it comes to a solid low priced unit. i have one, i personally don't like it and i don't like vaping much either, but a lot of people seem to like it.

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