What is the best 5 gallon DWC bucket hydroponic growing medium?

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Is coco coir better than expanded clay aggregate for growing cannabis hydroponics in DWC?

  1. Coco coir

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  2. Expanded clay aggregate

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  1. I read on the internet that different growing mediums like lava rock, rock wool, expanded clay pebbles and coco coir are best depending on the kind of crop you're growing. Like lettuce has a higher dry weight when grown with this substrate and cabbage is better with this growing medium etc, etc. This has me wondering... What's the optimal growing medium for cannabis in a hydroponic set up with 5 gallon DWC buckets? No reservoir if that matters.
  2. What do you mean by no reservoir? Do you mean an additional res besides the 5 gallon bucket?
    I don't know which would be better but considering that nearly 100% of the roots are immersed in an oxygenated nute solution - I doubt that it matters.
  3. Yes, I mean no reservoir outside of the 5 gallon buckets. I am inclined to think cannabis does have a preferred growing medium because all of the crops included in the study did better depending on the substrate it was in. Each plant species has it's own individual preferred growing medium.

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  4. Interesting im gonna be starting my first dwc buckets soon i figured all the substrate did was hold some nutes until the roots reach the bucket
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  5. I don't question your logic or the study findings. I just don't understand how a small amount of coco or hydroton in a net pot used to stabilize the plant can make a difference when most of the roots are growing in a nute solution.
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  6. You've never personally found one medium to be better than the others?
  7. When I ran dwc I only used hydroton in the net pots so I don't know if one could be better than the other. Logic tells me it couldn't make a difference in dwc.
  8. I grow dwc buckets, in dwc the medium is water and nutes solution hydroton or anything in the net cups are initially maybe something to think about but being inert the solution is what roots grow in ultimately
    I use hydroton pebbles to help hold my plant in the net cup

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