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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by phunkyphil, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. to me life seems to be nothing more than simply a random, chaotic process which ends in our death.. according to modern science, the universe is similar.. i believe that there is no purpose, and that we must simply live for whatever gives us satisfaction.. why introduce the concept of 'meaning' into an apparently random process, as us humans often do? is there even a point, or is the mind unable to grasp such complexities.. freedom. how often do we weaken this not by actual barriers, but instead imaginary ones? indeed, the true extent of our freedom is often unimaginable.. why not just leave it all behind? are these rules that we live by even as concrete as we make them out to be? is this vast controlling body even one of any concrete power? it must be our fear of change.. after all, why sacrifice stability for uncertainty? order for chaos? maybe there is a god after all.. our consiousness may very well be linked with the actual structure of reality itself, in which case we are all the creators.. things like this are interesting to ponder when high.. it seems remarkable how we can often influence our environment with the mind alone.. drug induced telepathy and spontanious recall of obscure information are, after all, not explained by conventional science.. are all of our little numbers merely a facade? perhaps all matter is connected somehow.. with consiousness itself as merely an interpretation of random interfacing possibilities. but then does it even matter? why sacrifice the physical life merely to study the mind itself? after all the actual nature of reality has little to do with the due process of mortality.. if we discovered the truth, we would merely continue to live, eat, and die.. isnt it ironic? "life must be more than that", we think.. of course, we are programmed to think that way.. and after all, any personal meaning is indeed concrete in a consiousness controlled existence.. what other method of reality interpretation can we use? just do what makes you happy.. because in the cosmic sense, there is no right and wrong.

    ..whats your philosophy?
  2. what if what makes you happy makes someone else sad? if everyone does what makes tham happy its inevitable that everyone wont be happy peoples ideals conflict!
  3. but people in order to be satisfied often seek meaning in their life..why? it gives them a feeling of belonging, a part of something (maslows hierarchy of needs)..If others are depending on you for whatever reason, then this gives meaning to your life, in return, satisfaction..
    Ive been stuck on the concept of money lately..I think this kind of ties in with this..I think I would be very content, living were there is no money..trade would be appropriate, living very bare, very primal. Money is a very unsettling subject with me. I feel as though it takes away a part of basic freedom that we all strive for. Without it I feel as though life could, would be more fulfilling in general..I havent thought much through with this but have noticed lately I feel a bit invaded on the entire concept..
    what gets me is we apparently are looking, and like you said phil, even sacrificing life to find answers to "life being more.." but in this lifetime, we'll never get those answers..when I see the answer to this, I dont see anywhere close to where we are now. and come to think of it, thats scary.
  4. they changed it life's worth less now, the meanings now only 21

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