What is sooo bad about it??

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. JIMI, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. Think about this, cops will arrest you, Women will break up with you, parents will ground you, friends wont be your friend anymore, why? just so you can have a little fun, and enjoy life for a little bit. i just dont understand what the fuckin big deal is??
    seriously, im sick of this shit, why cant everyone just except you for you, and if thats something you do everyonce and a while, who really gives a fuck...it is the same thing as anything else that gives you pleasure, and it is as addicting as anything else...yes you can get addicted to cake, or t.v. just in the same way you can get addicted to pot. these people are driving me insane...if you lived around the people i do...fuck! im going to move. does anyone else have a problem like this? where people look, and judge you differently just because you do this? it sucks. life sucks.
  2. dude you are totoally right, behind you all the way
  3. Then "quit"
  4. Chill. I get the same shit but you know what I don't give 2 flying f*cks I will walk down the street with a J and people will look at you funny or they will turn there head but I don't care. If people can go to the pub and have a few drinks and spend about £25 and then come home pissed why can't I smoke a little weed and go for a walk, I have lost many of friend over weed I know that but if they can turn there back on you over something silly like weed then there not true friends. I had someone the other day say to me when I was walking down the street, "Why Michael you have lost weight" and I though to myself that was a nice thing to say then she said "well you are on the weed now so that will explain it" I just walked off and though what a jackass. Until the government legalises weed we will never be understood that is the way it is and will always be.

  5. here's the really funny thing:
    It says on those anti drugs websites- Freevibe mainly- that weed tears families apart. Now it has to be said that if people were not so anti smoking, then families would accept if someone has made the choice in their life to smoke... and the family would not be torn appart. SO it's people classing it as "bad" that does the taring rather than the weed itself... hmmm...
  6. fuckem if they are not gonna be your friend over something like weed why would you want to be friends with them
  7. lol mickey , losing weight smoking weed?!?!?! ive lost alot of friend s because i smoke weed, but then ive met alot of cool people who do smoke weed or at least accept it....and then theres grasscity.

  8. I've lost friends because of weed too. but it takes you into circles of new friends can't fit into simply because they don't toke. but meeting new people is what life is all about. Why would you wanna stick with the same all your life? :confused:

    bty, how the hell did you lose weight smoking pot????? :(
  9. how come they never say anything about bringing family members closer together?? i mean, me and my brother werent that close, untill we found out that each other smoked, now we smoke all the time, and he is my best friend, i found out that he is seriously THE coolest person that i will ever meet, everything about him, his views on life... but no...they have to advertise all the negative things abou it, what the fuck? there is so much worse stuff out there than pot, i think drinking is worse...how many car accidents, or deaths do you hear about pot? none...but there are hundreds of crashes and deaths every year from careless drunken fools who decide to drive after drinking. this place is really confusing (the world) the way people think....it just boggles my mind.....

  10. dude. i totally sympathize. i used to live on predjudice island. capital of the cave people. Saturday nights it aint safe to look like an individual. but luckily for me... no matter where i've gone, i've always found smokers. :) thnk f*ck!

    and as for the addiciton thing... oh yeah! the three things i've been addicted to are all legal (no.1 Tobacco, no.2 Dr Pepper and it's not just the caffiene, and no.3 Coffee and it is just the caffiene)... and no matter how big or long a binge i go on with cannabis, i can still stop damn easilly.

    my advice is, don't give in to predjudice or facism. its as bad as giving in to terrorists. as difficult as it may be. u gotta keep being true to yourself and to what you think is right.

    remember... any problems (like the distance u used to be from your brother) are created by the system, the systems lack of understanding in such matters, and the laws concerning such matters.... NOT by the plant. the plant (as we all know) is innocent.

  11. I never, she was just making her "funny" point about me smoking weed....


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