What is something you want to do that you cant?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by woodbulb, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Go to another planet lbvs.
  2. Go to school... money,work,family, and time prevent me and i don't see or expect anything to change in the future.
  3. Be genghis khan...

    Spread them genes!
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  4. Cook up some unicorn steaks on the grill and share it with TheManJesus
  5. Grow 25 plants of personally selected strains so as I can breed an amazing strain

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  6. smoke while in space
  7. To be able to feel again.........
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    Law of Attraction
  9. To one day become a marijuana grower for a dispensary.... Or bud trimmer.... Or even just the budtender!
  10. Fly an airplane.
  11. Ride a dinosaur
  12. Have amazing friends... everybody is so fake and close minded in my town i feel like i will never find true friends as long as i live here

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  13. To actually keep a good woman instead of messing up everything.

    B able to have a bank account

    Have a public normal job instead of convict work.

    Kno how it feels to not hav a bunch of problems doin simple things.

    I'd like to kno love again

    Sorry couldn't do just one.

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  14. Sometimes u gotta change scenery to find where u fit. My hometown was awful n a lot of ways. Moved to a much different place and shit fell right into place

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  15. To be more confident and be able say whatever the fuck I want to who I want whenever I want to.

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