What is something you want to do that you cant?

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  1. I've never seen a shark. I've been surfing pretty much my whole life
  2. Come swim in Britan the worst thing is hypothermea or jellyfish!
  3. I never want to meet one. Not once. I was in Pensacola when a boy named Jessi Arborist (7 years old) was in knee deep water.
    A bull shark jumped out of the shallow water and bit his arm off.
    I didn't see it or anything, but I had a 7 yr old boy doing the same thing. That kid bled out on the beach. I believe it took 47 units of blood to save him. Permanent brain damage. It was horrific! So, I figure the ocean amounts to the sharks yard. I'll stay in a pool that overlooks the ocean. :-/
  4. I swim in my pool til mid november. Cold doesn't scare me.
    Wait! No great whites??? They love cold water
    Sorry.. Jessi Arbogast
    Damn auto correct
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    A large plot of land to grow vast and quality amounts of psychoactive and nutrient rich plants to study/ sustain myself using a variety of scientific tools, inside a fair size log cabin on the land plot

    Without any interference from any world or national government/ law. With adequate transportation for intercontinental travel, and no need for passport/identification. Along with means to convey my studies and research through a free and easily accessible world communication outlet.
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  6. Dance

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  7. Get blazed and fuck 24/7
  8. Get high with best friend but she's anti weed so that'll never happen

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  9. I actually wanted to become a cop, not to bust kids for weed and do dumb shit. I wanted to make a diffrence in my community, arrest guys that beat their wives and put away pedophiles. You can't smoke and carry a badge. :( I would have been a nice cop and never write speeding tickets just warnings. Okay maybe one ticket for that one super asshole driver. I have always loved helping people, but perhaps in another life.
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  10. Grow a pot plant. I don't even care if it doesn't flower n shit i just want one in my window

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  11. I can fire off insults like deadpool, but not at will. sometimes i can't turn it off and gets me in trouble
  12. I'd tend to think if you're having sex while scuba diving it's because you're high
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  13. Be careful which day you choose.
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  14. Own a garage that specializes in custom work weather it be engine swaps. Lift kits. lowering kits and painting ect.
    Requires so much overhead cash to get something like that on its feet.
    IL have to stick to installing lift kits and stuff in my driveway for extra cash for another 20 years I'd say....
  15. How difficult is it to install a lift on a vehicle?
  16. Depends on type of front end and how much lift you want.
    A leveling kit I can install in a matter of a coulple hours. Larger lifts usually takes me a coulple days working on my back in a gravel driveway lol

    Then you got your IFS (independent front suspension)lifts which usually take longer then trucks with SAS (solid axel swaps) front ends.

    Most people can do a lift kit if they got a helper and the tools and basic mechanical knowledge. Just follow the instructions and try not to deviate from them untill you get used to it.

    For example if I'm putting a lift in a IFS truck that has good balljoints IL leave the entire front knuckles together and detach upper and lower control arms and haul them along with the knuckles out in 1 peice and save me a full page of instructions.
  17. Be a modern day chinghiz khan.
  18. I want to be an engineer. Although, I dropped out of high school and don't even have my GED yet, and resources aren't flowing at me, I don't really have the money or the time right now at the moment.
  19. I also want to build guitars, another dream of mine. Still, not enough money or skill to get that going at the moment.
  20. i feel it bro

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