What is some of the best pure worm castings ?

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  1. Im currently using Unco Industries Wiggle Worm. Is this a premium pure worm castings ? Which are some of the best pure castings on the market that you guys have used ?

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  2. I've used the Wiggle Worm castings from Rootnaturally.com and thought they were great! and a good deal too at $32 shipped for 30 pounds.

    If you're in NorCal and can pick em up or have him deliver, Grain Fed castings are legit as can be! Usually find a live worm or two in each bag Grain Fed Worm Castings - Gardening Supplies, Garden Supplies Online
  3. Wiggle worm is OK, wouldn't call it premium. Worm power is a good product. Finding a local source or making your own is the best option. Sometimes you can find local worm poop on craigslist. Theres people who make and sell their own on ebay and amazon but ask questions. If a worm farmer can't tell you what they're feeding their worms then skip them. Same for local farmers. I like doing worm towers. A 5 gallon bucket buried in the ground with holes in it so worms can come and go as they please. There's not as much upkeep as with traditional worm farms maintaining a comfortable environment. Towers are basically a central feeding spot and poop depository for all the worms in your yard and the neighbors. They take care of themselves other then what you feed them, leaving you black gold. I mowed my lawn today and threw in a hand full of grass in my buckets. The worms were devouring the left over watermelon sprinkled in kelp meal I put in there a few days ago. A solid ball of worms under each piece. It does take a bit to get farms or towers going and isn't for everyone. When it's time to harvest the poop I just stop putting in items for the worms to eat and most leave until a food source is reintroduced. Mine are under bushes and no one can really even tell they're in my yard.

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  4. Roots Organics Big Worm is 100% pure castings I've tried others but they don't even come close. The others all have sand or vegetative mater and at 28 bucks a bag that is pretty expensive for sand.
  5. The absolute best are what comes from your own worm bin(s). After the initial outlay (under $50), they are pretty much free and forever.

    The #1 thing you could do RIGHT NOW for any organic growing is start a worm bin . That, you can take to the bank.

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  6. I want to make my own worm bin. I went and picked up 2 Rubbermaid containers and was wondering do you have to use both to make one worm bin, one inside the other is how I saw them but I'd like to make two if possible

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  7. Never mind I found the thread

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