What is "sin"?

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  1. What is your definition of sin?

    I believe there are two major types of sin

    Common sin, which is an act that is either malicious, destructive, or nonprogressive in intent whose consequences usually have ill effects for an outside party, such as lying, stealing, or murdering.

    And Self sin, which is an act that is usually progressive that is against the nature of the person perfoming it, such as a police man arresting an individual not because they believe what that individual is doing is wrong but for the sake of their job.

    I believe the sin lies more in the intent than it does in the act itself.

    I know my definition leaves a lot of gray area and many specific circumstances up for discussion, but sin is a hard topic and I am only human.
  2. who knows? everything?
  3. Who sets the universal rules as to what is and is not a sin?
  4. That is not the question being asked here. I am asking for varying views on what sin is as it applies to different individuals.
  5. It could come even from your own opinion of what sin is, some people think it is a sin to believe in God, it could be pet peeves, annoyances, or things that are outright unnatural.

    I personally believe that, anything that distracts or brings your soul down, is a sin, and is unnatural. I believe in the law of God, the Torah, because it all deals with your soul, and how the objective, is to keep the cleanest purest soul, possible, despite of vanity.
  6. What constitutes a pure soul in your eyes? If we focus only on keeping our soul pure are we concentrating too heavily on our yin and ignoring our yang? Does harmony come from the expulsion of all that is unpure or from the peaceful coexistence of that which is pure and that which is taint?
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    Our spirits are our yin, our bodies are our yang, the soul is the combination of both the spirit and body. Think of the angels, they don't sin, nor do they conceive the thought of it. They are pure in almost every way, but the purest in all ways is God. Purity is attained by wisdom and understanding, and all evil dirties the soul, and sometimes the only way to purify the flesh in the most evil of situations is to put the flesh to death. That's why there are executions. But salvation can be attained in any case now, by praying to Christ and a change in heart, and having ourselves cleansed in His blood.
    "Behold, the reverence of the LORD, is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding"

    Yes, but harmony is mainly attained through salvation and grace, and is given to us by Christ, but one must try not to sin again, for continuous repentance, is re-crucifying Christ, and you put our Lord to open shame.
  9. I consider sin anything that you feel bad about. Something that violates YOUR moral code, and you feel as though you should not do/have done.
  10. ^same, good
  11. I believe sin is doing something/letting something happen to someone that you know is wrong/evil, but doing it anyway, and only doing it for yourself. (Not helping anyone else with your actions)

    Living for yourself is fine as long as you don't seriously hurt (physically or emotionally) other people by choosing to live like that.

    I have a core belief that we as a human race are one and the same, and that every individual needs to see beyond the petty differences and try to accept other people for who they are. Because if you hate someone, they hate you back, and I never liked the emotion of hating someone. Not many people do. So if you hate, you cause the person/group of people you hate to feel like shit too. It's all very childish really, hate.

    Think of someone you couldn't stand when you met that person, and now, even though you don't really like him/her, you're able to get along with that person if you have to. There has to be someone. Did that change come about through hate? No, either you, him/her or a third party made an effort for you to drop the hate and get along with your respective lives. It won't happen through divine intervention, everybody has to make an effort to change. I believe that if every individual on earth made an effort and starts thinking for himself, we may have a chance yet.
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  13. Angels and Beasts. Angels the beings of pure light governed only by the will of GOD, beasts beings of pure earth governed only by the instincts of their body. One is neither greater nor lesser than the other, both are simply governed by 2 seperate worlds. Angels=Yin Beasts=Yang. Neither in the image of the creator. Which one is more pure?
  14. Great post
  15. Angels are more pure, Angels have spirits in angelic bodies, meaning their yang is pure. Angels and beasts both have souls, and for beasts to act like beasts, would be considered folly. No beast is righteous therefore, they are largely impure.
  16. I would have to disagree. Why should a beast be deemed impure due to the nature in which GOD made it. If a lion were made aware that taking the life of another could be deemed wrong should it not eat? If the lion were not to eat the gazelle wouldn't it then be in the wrong for transgressing the law of GOD? I must say that the beast is pure in its own right, it is pure in the essence of that which is beast. I'm sure if it were an Angel it would do its job just as well. And if the Angel were to be made beast it would still do as GOD commanded it to do. The confusion comes when you combine Beast and Angel and you create man. The judge which gets to seperate what is pure from what is not, what is right from what is wrong. The entity that will do things that are against his nature publically if society deems it right, and will denounce his private acts if society deems them wrong. For a man to act as if he is a beast is definitely unpure because that is not all he is, but for a man to act as if he is an Angel is also unpure because he still neglects an entire half of himself, but for a man to embrace all that he is whatever that may be is the pure us humans must seek to achieve. Of course I am not claiming that your view is wrong and mine is right, I am simply stating that I do not agree and presenting for your consideration my outlook on things.
  17. It is what it is, I guess we couldn't really tell until we get the perspective from God.
  18. Couldn't have said it better myself
  19. Sin... is like the stains on my clothes...

  20. I think sin is just simple disagreement. We deem others evil based on it. Even animals do. African Cape Buffalo will deliberately go after and kill lion cubs because clearly they disagree with lions killing their calves. The lions however, are not necessarily evil for killing buffalo calves, for they have their own young to feed and keep alive. From a societal view point, humans establish law to clearly state what is evil and/or wrong. But what society thinks is evil may not necessarily be wrong. Same logic really.

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