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What is shake?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nathan, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. ?????????
  2. shake is all the leaf and small buds that are left from a sack
  3. it the bud thats no longer part of the nug
  4. The reason most noobs don't know what shake is, is because they do not buy enough weed. When you buy like any quantity above like a quarter, the loose shit that has fallen off of the buds that is left at the bottom of the bag is considered shake.
  5. the crumbs
  6. How much would you pay for about 6g's of shake? Its dank.

  7. uhh, if its really good 30-40. idk

    edit: i feel stupid. when i read the thread title i thought you were going to ask a question about aqua teen hunger force.

  8. Ok pro, put that shit in a mason jar to prevent it, try it.
  9. shake is still bud, its just not a nug
  10. no not shake.... Ill just buy the buds like it usually comes in...
  11. yup, i have homies who stick their noses up at shake just 'cause it isn't in the form of a nug. dipshits:) shake is pretty awesome if you're buying loads of weed, or are short on cash.
  12. shake usually has mad hairs and kief in it. if its from good weed its worth it.

    fuck off pot snobs. i can't stand you people.
  13. but you see some people usually mix in shake with some other crap. So if your not really good at identifying those little leaves from a dank and shwag... Well youll never know. But hell i dont care. As long as you get high right?
  14. Thats what I was thinking...
    I was kinda taken a back, because my "shake" mostly consisted of leaves...very little bud...
    but I was like fuck it, I'll smoke it anyway.
    And it was a decent high. I wasnt baked but I was high.
    Kind of nice actually.
    I got high, I guess thats what matters :D

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