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what is shake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cbrules3033, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. what do you use it for?
    what is it?
    where can you get it?
    how much $?

    thx in advance guys :smoke:
  2. "Shake" is just the crushed up bits of leaf and/or bud in a bag of cannabis. Most people don't go out of their way to buy it. A bag of nothing but shake would be worth quite a bit less than a bag of the same weed in bud form.
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    Yea its best in joints or blunts, You can use bowls though, I bought a shit load of shake, Like 25 good size bowls worth for 20 bucks, (I kinda knew the kid though maybe that why idunoo) but yea its also known as "sift". I dont think it gets you high as high as bud does but i dont mind getting it b/c its a good high if you do enough and you get alot of bowls for little price

    O yea and just ask your dealer of they have any, They may find it a strange question but w/e. Its generally what falls off of and ounce or however much your dealer had in the bag he was carrying
  4. It depends on the shake. Shake from very good herb is usually mostly crushed bits of bud and some kief and will be just about as potent as the unbroken bud. Shake from 'mids' typically has more leaf matter in it though and won't be quite as strong.

    It's good in a Dugout as well.
  5. the shit in your bag that isn't attached to a bud of any kind it is just loose
  6. QFT lol five letterz
  7. Why, "shake" is the dance I make you do before you can come into my tree-house!!

  8. i'll only shake if sammy gives me a 9lb bud :)
  9. what do you use it for? Hopefully nothing.
    what is it? All you need to know is not to buy it.
    where can you get it? Hopefully nowhere.
    how much $? Like, $3/gram ? If that?
  10. Why would you use it for nothing? If you can get an o of shake from some good chronic for 20 you can easily roll up 10 blunts, and that shake if inspected correctly is the same thing as ground up weed so if you use a grinder before you roll a blunt it's the same exact thing, it WILL get you very high. Using shake for blunts is just eliminating the middleman which would be grinding up the weed, it will be no different.
  11. whattt???? hopefully nothing? shake makes some great hash! making me some right now out of my shake actually
  12. For real and not to mention how much money you can make if you bake some edibles and sell them to some friends. If you get an o and can make 20 brownies, and sell them for 5 each you can a profit of liek 80 bucks, not buying shake when you can is stupid imo.

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