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    I've been reading up on a breeding guide and they use the term selfing a lot. But I don't understand whether its Cloning, self pollination thru force sex change (like when making fem seeds), or crossing with the same f1 generation?

    Anyone ?
  2. Self pollination...

    A fem'd seed is known as a S1.
  3. Oh ok now I get it thanks man. So if you were to self an unstable strain would you get clone like seeds or would dormant traits begin to appear?
  4. The latter
  5. He means dormant traits will show
  6. So pretty much itll be clone like seeds?

  7. No, they will not be homogeneous.
  8. So in what situation can I get homogeneous seeds? Only if it's stable?
  9. Yes.

    They use a very well established, and stable clone to create an S1

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