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What is Rep?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeanOfGreen, May 28, 2009.

  1. What is Rep, and how do i give it to someone?
  2. See the green bar above your name? That's rep.
    You can give someone positive or negative rep by clicking the rep button on the top right corner of every post. There are two buttons in the top right corner; one on the far right, and one just inside that. If you hover your mouse over the far right button, it'll say 'Report Post' - you use that button to report spam etc.
    The button second from the far right is the rep button. Click that, and it'll give you the opportunity to add positive or negative rep and write a message to go with it. you don't have to write a message.

    Rep given out by members with more rep is worth more than rep given out by members with less rep. I.e, a member has to reach a certain threshold - something along the lines of having a particular number of rep points themselves, and being a member for a particular period of time.

    So you'll notice that rep that you give out is displayed on someone's rep page as a grey square. That's because you don't have enough rep/haven't been around long enough to give out 'green' rep yet.

    jesus, I can't believe I wrote all that. hope that answered your question :p

    oh and btw, this shouldn't be in this section of the forums.

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