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what is regular weed??

Discussion in 'General' started by flamerun92, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, when I think back to 2yrs ago I remember that my first blunt was regular weed aka "regs","reggies",or "greens", but what really is regular weed? The only thing I really know about it is that its cheep,takes a lot more to feel high,and piff/exotics are waaaay better And what makes a strain such as sour diesel diffrent from it besides the obvious potency and thc levels? Does regular weed have a scientific name other than "cannibus"? And does a strain like sour have a diffrent scientific name?are they all just diffrent species? And is "regular weed" an indica,sativa or hybrid? Sorry for the noobish question its just that i know if I create a thread I'm most likely to get a better answer than my noobass lookin for it on google lol I'm neither a begginer nor seasoned toker wen it comes to weed, I know a lot but I don't know it all lol
  2. It is most of the time mexibrick... but you can get regs from all over the world its still cannabis but just not of good quality, do to many factors like it was harvested to early or late. and is almost always immediately compressed with out curing which does the most damage to potency thats the short simple explanation.
  3. It's called slang bro. Lingo. Jargen.

    It's whatever you want it to be.
  4. After reading the OP in a nerdy, snobby voice...

    I really can't take the OP serious.

    Btw . < periods, you should try it.
  5. lol its a logical question he admitted he doesn't know it all. He is just tryin to learn you can't
    hate on that.
  6. Idk.. It's odd to know about Sativa and indica, then be confused about some lingo of trashy weed, askin if it's different scientificly..

    Idk, maybe it's Me.
  7. i kno the diffrence between indicas,sativas& hybrids i just dnt know which strains are which most of the time
  8. If you know how to tell how good it is based on looks and smell alone, that's all that really matters. I don't care what they call it, if its dank im gonna smoke it and if its mids im probably not gonna buy it.
  9. thats all i really care about to lol i was just curious,i never thought about it before and just wanted to find out :smoke:
  10. Thank you. So much. I hate when people are so concerned with a name. If it looks bangin and smells right, does it matter what you call it?
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I want to knw the difference cuz I wanna knw wat I'm token. I've heard its a mexican sativa.
  12. Like the other guy said regs is just slang it really doesn't mean anything and it doesn't mean "regular" weed really.

    I think what's regular is going to be whatever is predominant in your area. I don't even think I could get schwag or mids if I asked, so if I asked for a dub, it's gonna be dank, cause that's what's regular in my area.

    Don't know if I really answered what you wanted correctly but that's how I interpreted it.
  13. regs is just massed produced stuff or it wasn't grown well. which think about all the weed goes through if it's mass produced to get onto the streets.

    Or you get regs from someone who doesn't know how to grow right.

    thats what i've seen for regs in my area but i know the meaning differes alot by where you live.

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