what is real? Slayer has more to tell...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Chillout, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. ok,

    even if god is imaginary, he is still real in my mind

    if i beleive in something for which there is no physical evidence at all who can prove me wrong?

    I listen to slayer, but still hang with jesus.


    i don't go to church and kiss the cross to be saved at any cost. because...

    You have no reality
    you spend your life just kissing ass
    a trait that grows as time has passed
    you think the world will end today
    you praise the lord, its all you say

    okay, so

    jesus saves, listen to you pray
    you think you'll see the pearly gates
    when death takes you away

    alright so i go to the concert and get part of my septum punched out of my nose (this was at hatebreed) but its chill cause i don't have to feel it if i don't want to,


    being punched in the pit is a part of it and by accepting it as that i was not bothered and embraced the feeling of the pain, making it feel good. thus eliminating the pain factor.

    they covered raining blood though, and i got blood everywhere and then i got really tired. just made me think about stuff a lot more
  2. I like Christianity... it makes some people "productive" tools, because they don't have to think about philosophy, their ethics and views on things are told to them. This let's people like me, who like to think, do what we want to do without having the whole system collapse...

    Those slayer lyrics are pretty good... I'm going to check them out...
  3. "before you can see the light, you must die"
    That pretty much sums up the "whats wrong in christianity" It's not focusin´g on our time alive and when we're "here" it jsut gets so keen to get to kingdom of heaven it looses all interest in life on earth, and the pleasures and such that are very close to humans. I like to live my life right now not waiting to die and get to heaven, and what if there's nothing there when you die, then what? But surely I don't think christians anre very sad or depressed now.... I just don't believe it, that's that.
  4. Ohhhhh ohhh Slayer(see sig)...

    Yea I am a "christian" by birth and I rock out to Slayer quite often.

    "I listen to slayer, but still hang with jesus." - hehe that's pretty funny. I'm pretty sure Tom Araya is a christian too, oddly enough.

    I no longer particularly believe in any one religion, but I do not deny the possibility of a higher power or God. No one knows and it seems silly worrying about the subject when you just go six feet under anyway. Just live a virtuous life anyway and you'll be good. That's my motto.

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