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What is piff?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by njhippie, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. My friend just said he can get me some piff but what is it?

    The best I've had so far is Kali Mist. How would piff compare to that. What does piff actually refer to. Is it like a strain or does it mean that its better than the dankest of the dank?
  2. It's just a term that can mean anything from mids being sold to an 8th grader to dank. It's not a particular strain.
  3. So piff has no meaning? It could be anything from mids to real dank shit?
  4. Typically it means dank. I'm just saying...people throw words like that around a lot so make sure you know what you're getting.
  5. Piff is just a term for high quality bud. I got that piff. If someone called mids piff i would laugh in their face.
  6. if someone told me they had piff i would laugh in their face.
  7. "Piff" came around here awhile back. No different than any other dank.
  8. It's only mainly used in the tri state area. If you get piff it's mostly gonna be some form of Haze in Jersey
  9. haha hes so rite..everyone in new york city, jersey use piff..usually for some kind of haze:smoking:
  10. sounds kinda like queef, but for smoking.
    IE lame.
  11. Well I just tried it and its nice:smoking:
    Looked like mids but no seeds and those orange hairs when you look closely.

    I don't even care what it is anymore. its decent dank bud and thats good enough for me!
  12. #12 Hobo173, Aug 28, 2008
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    Lots of people in NYC just call ANY bud that. Especially uptown and around Harlem. I never heard it spoken outside the city. It's not a particular strain or quality of weed it seems.

    But all we smoke here is headies and lots of new tokers here have never even seen mids or shwag. They thought it was fake weed when I brought some leftover mids from out of state. It could just mean headies since that's what they talk about.

    I haven't come across any crap weed here in years:D. Except for my newbie friend getting hustled with a bag of oregano in the park buying his first sac.
  13. piff is supposed to be haze, but some people use it loosely, but here it has to be haze
  14. People say it in New England too, mostly Boston but NYC isnt the only place, its an east coast thing.... haze quality weed is called piff.
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    Piff is truly awesome smoke. A buddy of mine gets it all the time.. I wonder (on a daily basis) what strain of smoke is this.. Make no mistake about it, its not multiple strains, and by that, I mean its the exact same strain every single time for years...

    Sometimes he'll get some kush in addition to the piff, and for the same money you get just a tiny bit more of the Kush..If you hold the 2 packages together, the Kush always has just a bit more..

    I call it the great piff mystery, cause I don't know anyone who can tell me what strain it is.

    Expensive, but worth it, if ya got it...

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