what is optimum distance between baby plants and CFl lamps ?

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  1. Hi fellas

    i began from seeds and i put my seeds into rockwool cubes and they are in the humidity dome .temp is 25 C and humidity more than 99 %

    i have 10 fem seeds . i'll use 2 X 36W CFl @ 6400K for first week until i remove them from humidity dome .

    after they root ( after i remove them from the dome ,i will put them under 4 X 55w PL-L lamps. i have 600W dual spectrum hps for lately vegging and flowering .

    my questions :

    1 ) what is the optimum distance between baby plants and CFl lamps ? is 1 foot distance good for first 7 days ?

    2 ) are 2 X 36 W CFl lamps enough for 10 seeds for first few days ? how long should i put them in the dome under CFLs ?

    3) when they root ( about after first week) ,I'll put them under 4 X 55 W PL-L lamps and i'll put lamps 5-10 cm away from plants .is it good ?

    4 ) i am germinating into rockwool cubes. i water everyday rockwool cubes,is it true ?

    Thanks .
  2. I'd keep the light at about 4" from tops of sprouts.

    That amunt of light is on the lite side... the ones not rite under it are going to stretch and twist toward the light
  3. thanks bro ..
    i use CFl lamps with sprouts for only few days ..

    i 'll use 4 X 55W pll lamps for only first 20 days and after that ,they will go under 600W dual spectrum hps:wave:

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