What is one thing you wish was different about the human race?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nike is Cool, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. I wish that people weren't pressured into having the same morals as others (in a social aspect). Tell us what you wish was different!
  2. I wish the human race was more open just in general. It's like anything that we don't understand or fear we put a label on it make it taboo and push into the depths of our mind..it only coming back up when it has 2 and then criticize and judge the hell out of it? Humans......
  3. I wish that there was more to our evolutionary psychology than constantly trying to get laid. Dont get me wrong sex is great, but itd be cool to have mulTiple points of existence.
  4. I wish we had huge bat wings.
  5. I wish people could just accept others for who they are.
  6. I wish daddy would stop hitting mommy
  7. i wish it was extinct :devious:
  8. I wish people weren't so materialistic. No cash, no car, no pussy.
  9. I don't know, I feel like theres some Aliens watching us just shaking their heads.. Watching Jerry Springer reruns and shit hahahah
  10. ^I second whoever mentioned wings.

    Or...be able to mentally be able to decide when and where we use that superhuman strength adrenaline rush that I've heard about.
  11. I wish everybody had the same morals, and that they were as instinctual as breathing.
  12. The ability to emancipate oneself from what is detracting ourselves from transcending to higher beings.
  13. Less stupidity
  14. I wish all commercial shopping center were run by robots

    and God gave you a notification if like you should just avoid a person "Like Beep Beep Beep We've got an asshole at 12 o'clock"
  15. I wish we were taught to not build on and feed our egos.
  16. Maybe a better way of saying my first post, Would be to say I wish all of the people of this world could be given one religion to believe in and live by. I dont believe humans can exist without worshiping something, be it a god, an object, a person, or them self. I really could care less about what religion it was but I wish there was only one on earth and then maybe people would start focusing more on who people are than what their faith consist of.
  17. hi. hi there. it's me. that person that can't exist.
  18. I wish we noticed our egos as often as we feel clothes on us.

    I'm tired of everyone playing the same game.....

    One love yall
  19. If you don't believe that then look at me... I worship nothing. I love what Alan Watts has to say but far from worship....

    Actually, no I'm wrong. I worship the universe. Goddamn it's like the only word I've said on this forum the past few days :eek:
  20. If you worship the universe than good for you it sure is a godly thing to me. I just think people seek for something to believe in that they dont "know" to answer the questions nothing else answers.

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