What is oklahomas legalization status

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  2. I think it's still death by decapitation if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Close^  firing squad...
  4. Isn't Constance supposed to be doing something where Cannibus it's treated like Alcohol? 
  5. aint going to happen.. 
  6. From MPP
    n October 1, a poorly conceived DUI law went into effect, making it a criminal offense to drive a vehicle in Oklahoma with any detectable amount of THC or its metabolites in a person's system, regardless of whether the person is impaired. This new law has little to do with keeping roads safer and will result in safe drivers being arrested and found guilty for DUI days or even weeks after they last used marijuana. We urge voters to contact their representative and senator and ask for a repeal of this awful law. For a more detailed look at the law and related studies, click here.
    Voters clearly want a different approach. In September, Oklahoma NORML obtained results from a poll of state voters showing that 71.2% want a medical marijuana program for seriously ill patients who qualify, and 63.7% prefer a simple ticket and fine - without criminal penalties - for adults who possess small amounts of marijuana. So far, state legislators have failed to realize just what their constituents want.

    State Senator Connie Johnson has fought hard for more sensible marijuana policies. In 2013, she sponsored medical marijuana legislation - SB 710 and SB 914 - which would have reduced penalties for possession of up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana. However, Sen. Johnson can't do it alone. Please ask your legislators to protect medical marijuana patients or to fine - not jail - marijuana consumers.
    Also, if you are a patient who could benefit from the medical use of marijuana, a medical professional, or a member of the law enforcement or legal communities, please contact MPP to see how you can be of special help in passing bills to improve marijuana laws in the state.
    Learn more about Oklahoma's marijuana laws
    With the potential penalty of up to one year in jail, and a mandatory two years for second and subsequent offenses, Oklahoma ranks third in the nation in strict penalties for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana.

    Based on reports of arrests provided by state law enforcement to the FBI, in 2011, 90%of all marijuana-related arrests were for possession. During the same year, over 60% of all reported rapes and nearly 90% of all moter vehicle thefts went unsolved! And did you know that African-Americans in Oklahoma are 2.9 times more likely than whites to be arrested for possession of marijuana, even though blacks and whites consume marijuana at similar rates? Check out this recent report by the ACLU on how the war on marijuana is often a war on black Americans.

  7. 2012 statistics are worse.. blacks were arrested 8x the rate for sale/mfg marijuana and 4x for possession
  8. OK has Initiative and Referendum capabilities. Make it happen with the laws YOU wish to see come to fruition.
    MPP is a special interest lobbyist. Fuck them. Don't need them in OK with the ability you have to introduce laws as citizens with a backing senator.
  9. It's scary here in ok.
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    New to forum. Wasn't there just a rally at the Capitol? I have another ? I ordered seeds, cc, real name, real address. Stop laughing! Have severe RA, Doctors said weed could help. I have a farm thought I would grow some for myself. Am I really fucked? Never been arrested, veteran, just tired of pain meds. I know OK they would drag a 53 man with braces to jail. Will I survive this? Be kind. Namaste
    weed will help a lot.
    indica dominate hybrids work best overall imho. some sativa is nice for the mood lift when you get down from the ra woes...may want to grow at least one or two of those a year
    get a volcano vaporizer and learn to make edibles and ointments with the 'used' herb from regular medication sessions. vaping helps in the day. just use a small bag every few hours, the edibles will help you sleep nights...ointments use on joints as needed.
    ...and fish oil...the omega's in it help the joints a lot...was a tip I got from our famous Granny Storm Crow. <--read her stuff, ..well worth it.
    good luck..you'll survive and do fine with a little mmj helping :smoke: :bongin: :metal: :gc_rocks:
  12. Nah. I ordered seeds to my place too and haven't looked back yet. I grow for personal reasons. Pain killers suck. Edibles rock!
  13. Contact me if you are interested in help with medicinal extractions. I will be glad to instruct other patients

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