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What is "Normal" for a 22 year old to act?

Discussion in 'General' started by spudman78, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. So I moved back home for the summer. I usually dont move back between semesters but I wanted some extra cash and decided to give up the apartment for awhile. Life was grand until my parents (My mom specifically) started giving me shit about EVERYTHING. I work, then I usually hang out with a friend afterwards, go to a bar, or chill with my girlfriend. I work till about 11 o clock usually so I don't get back home until about 2:00/3:00 am from doing my nightly activities. Anyway, my mother says she hates my life style, how it isnt Normal for someone my age to be going out every night. Everyone I know goes out, it isnt like im getting shitfaced every night. Anyway, shes at the point now where any exchange of words between us is either a fight, a snide comment, or something negative. Am I in the wrong? Or is my mother just being a pain in the ass?
  2. What's your GPA?
  3. Currently sitting at a 3.3
  4. You couldn't pay me enough to move back home. Same thing happened with my older brother, he came back for a summer and after a week my mom's excitement had worn off and after that it was constant battles. He moved out again like a month or 2 later lol

  5. Planning on grad school?
  6. Ideally i'd like to get a decent job with my 4 year degree and then go back for my masters after im semi settled.
  7. What should she rather you be doing?

  8. Start going to bed earlier now.
  9. Cleaning, sitting around the house I guess? Honestly I dont know. She gets pissed when im home because I just chill in my room upstairs, and shes pissed when im out? I dont really get what she actually wants me to do.
  10. once you move out..you can't go back it will never be the same. Made that mistake.

    Fuck that.
  11. You should ask her. Sounds just like my room-mates mom, she just hates everything he does, no matter what it is. She's insane, nothing he could do about it except get away from her.

  12. If it's maybe something to do with you helping out around the house instead of going out, then I could understand... Only because I have a younger sister who lives with my parents and doesn't do shit. :p

    But hell, it sounds like you have a job and you're doing well in school, so maybe your mom is just being a little irrational about wanting you to come home so early. :confused_2:

    I mean, I know for me personally my mom hated when I'd come home late even after I turned 18 because she's a worry-wart. She'd stay up until I came home no matter what, so me staying out after 12 or so became a problem. :poke:

    Before you figure out how to deal with it, you gotta figure out what the specific problem is.
    Is she just mad that you're staying out too late or is she mad that you don't help out around the house or is she mad that you don't pay rent, or etc etc. :hide:
  13. Yeah this is exactly how my Mom is. Sucks, she can't ever just be happy.
  14. yep never move BACK home its fucking awkward, I feel like a bum for no reason all the time
  15. I really hate it. My boy just called me and invited me over to smoke some dro/play the new black ops map pack tonight. My mom gave me such shit about going out last night I told him I was just chillin at home tonight. Mommy and Daddy wouldnt let me go out. Wtf has my life come to?
  16. Your not in the wrong no doubt, but if you cant convince the mother that is no salvation. Perhaps explain why you deserve your freedom and responsibility while away from school or if that fails living at home will not be good for you.
  17. Dude, grow some balls.
    Go out smoke weed with your friends, who gives a fuck what your mom thinks it's your life!
  18. Going out every night is exactly what someone your age should be doing.

    Why not get the most out of life when you're young? It's the 30-40 year olds that shouldn't be going out every night.
  19. as long as your doing good at school staying out of trouble then your doing what a responsible 22 year old youngster should be doing
  20. Get a girlfriend who has her own crib and move in with her.

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