What is needed for a single plant in a closet grow?

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  1. Okay :cool: , I've been up all night researching stuff and still trying to piece things together. :confused: I'm really new to the growing thing but I picked up a clone from a dispensary down the street from where I live.:rolleyes: Its an Agent Orange strain btw :metal:. Well I finally racked up some cash and wanted to grow a single plant for my own use:hello: . How many watts would I need for a SINGLE plant? :( I have plenty of room in my closet to grow but I wanted to know how much light and what kind of light should I use?:eek: Thaaanks to all my fellow peeeps!:wave: I'm tired and im hoping to get plenty of help from y'all reading this.;)

    Oh btw , it would be really helpful if someone gave me a lesson on what this hps and cfl thing is. :eek:
  2. high pressure sodium.... get a magnetic ballast kit with a HPS... start with a 400 if you can afford the electricity. You can use CFL's/sun until your light arrives. 20/4 lighting. Agent orange is a good strain that smells like orange liquor when cured. I heard it responds well to organic soil because that's how the seeds are made probably. This is a low-maintenance growing technique. No pH meter. No bottled fertilizer. Just a good soil from a reputable nursery - especially independent organic nursery. There should be many in your area. The soil contains everything your plant will need- microbes, nutrients, pH buffer materials. If you want to really beef it up, get some kelp meal and some neem cake. Premier ingredients I would not grow without. With that strain and a good soil you can yield 2-4 oz off agent orange in 3-4 months.... easily ... Keep it simple, and good luck.
  3. Thanks! I'm not planning on doing any hydro system or anything. Just a closet spot with a good light and me.. Watering it myself. I use foxfarm as soil. Heard it was good so gave it a try. But a 400w light? for a single plant? Whoa ):
  4. If u intend on going the CFL path, 100 true watts for the first plant and additional 50w for every extra plant....more lumens more yield.
  5. I would agree with the 400w. It's overkill for one, but one is never enough and you'll love growing and soon enough have 2 in there,

    Otherwise with cfl I would say 100w true watts, BARE MINIMUM, I find cfls don't penetrate too well do the more the merrier, I run 160w of cfl in a bar fridge and it's almost not enough for my liking
  6. 400w is a good price point and they're easy to cool. You'd be looking at about $300 for light, fan, and filter. Or you could go with a 250w and if you decide to go bigger use your 250 for veg and a 400 for flower.

    Personally, I'd go bigger. Edibles and hash are really fun but they take a lot of weed :smoke:

    Cheers!! :bongin:

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