What is my next stage? (17 days old)

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  1. Hi cannabis growers,
    How are you all today?
    My princess is 17 days old, and yesterday i topped her 6th level and they're look pretty good and healthy.
    Now i want to know what is my next stage?
    The sex is still unknown i wait more few days for the sex.
    So can someone please help me what and when is my next stage?
    Thanks all

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  2. Now it needs a few days to heal and then let your topped growth grow out and wait for pre flowers and continue to veg it for as long as you would like to fill out your growing space. Once your plants have reached half the desired size, start flowering with a 12/12 light cycle.
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  3. What TheNoob said
  4. 1. Do i need to start trimming the leaf's? I dont know how much light they get and they're take power from the upper leaf's

    2. When the scrog go in?

    3. Do i need to make training?
  5. 1. You want to remove leaves (fan leaves) a week or so before your flip an create an even canopy

    2. Once your plant is big enough to make proper use of the trellis net (your plant is big enough

    3. Should be low stress training from week 3+ of veg
  6. Photos from today
    Its seems like it start getting really crowded
    But the topping look healthy and growing good

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