What is my next stage? (17 days old)

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  1. Hi cannabis growers,
    How are you all today?
    My princess is 17 days old, and yesterday i topped her 6th level and they're look pretty good and healthy.
    Now i want to know what is my next stage?
    The sex is still unknown i wait more few days for the sex.
    So can someone please help me what and when is my next stage?
    Thanks all

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  2. Someone help?
  3. Just leave them be, keep trimming the leaves and observing. Always test your solution and allow 20% of your watering to run through, ideally then the run off should be the same or close to the ppm and ph of what you're putting in.

    Account for the fact that your princess may double in size when flowering so work out how much you wna grow and aim for that :)

    Do you have any questions in particular? They're looking real good!

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  4. I would plant more seeds just in case that is a prince. You don’t wanna have to start from scratch when it does show. Plant looks really nice! Are you vegging and flowering in the same space?

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  5. -Can i start trimming? Got some good video that teaches how to trimming good?
    - when the scrog come in? You say about double the size i got 2 scrog nets that i will use during flowering.
    - thanks so much, they're get alot of love and happiness.

    I bought Femal seeds i hope there is no surprises during the sex time.. i really wish to get here 2 sexy females.

    Yes i will veg and flowering on the same tent
  6. Photos from today
    Its seems like it start getting really crowded
    But the topping look healthy and growing good

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